Experiencing more bugs because of 3700x?

When I played this game on release, on a 4690K GTX 970 and 8GB Ram, I didn’t experience the buggy disaster this game was at launch. I experienced minor bugs but nothing like what many others experienced. As a side note, I can promise I wasn’t one of those useless fuckers who said it’s not the game, it’s your PC. Just because I wasn’t experiencing problems, doesn’t mean nobody else was and the devs certainly didn’t release it in a polished state.

On my new system, 3700x VEga 56 and 16GB Ram, I’m now experiencing game breaking bugs such as falling through the map, missing lockpick ball thing, worse graphics. I wondered is this because of the new 3700x or am I unlucky this time round?

Your CPU can’t cause bugs. Get that into your head. YOUR… CPU… CAN’T… CAUSE… BUGS. They can cause glitches but not bugs. Visual and audio glitches like artifacting and so on. But not teleporting characters or Henry moving out of the map. That’s only caused by bad coding and a non-polished game. It’s funny that other people’s in-experience literally has made some question their hardware. It’s like mass manipulation.

So… in short - still a buggy mess.

I have a 3800X and no weird bug so far, except for the CPU usage drop visible at Rattay that I hope devs will investigate (but that seem to happen with every CPU not just Ryzen).

Also, for that game, disable SMT, KCD is an 8 core optimized game, with no support for HT or SMT whatsoever, I tested a lot and I noticed a 5-10% CPU performance impovement with SMT disabled in heavy CPU scenes.