Explanation for Acquisition?

I feel as though the community deserves an explanation as to why WarHorse Studios has been acquired by THQ Nordic, the community has clearly driven this game to fruition, without our pledges and money this game wouldn’t have been able to launch. It was great to see that an independent studio was producing a game that could easily be rated at AAA.

I think it’s worth WarHorse studios writing a detailed open letter explaining the reasons why they’ve decided to continue like this, it’s not a problem per say, but, it does also mean that a new company which has produced some rather… (subjectively) bad games and also not exactly popular or in line with this Studio’s ethos before… Can we be sure of the Parent Company not interfering with the development of the Studio and KCD? Such as making it less realistic, or forcing a quicker release? (Us backers have learned the meaning of patience, we don’t need KCD2 rushed.)

How can we be sure that the quality of the games to come will not be compromised and filled with trashy loot-boxes and micro-transaction?


My bet: The private investor who funded the game after the kickstarter wanted to cash in his investments and profits. That is all there is to it, really :wink:

I guess that as well, but regardless, it’d be nice for them to tell us officially. Like they have in the past about other stuff like this. WarHorse has been a highly transparent company when developing the game, so why not now? Cash grabbing is fine I think, just what were the clauses of the cash grab? Did they overestimate the figures and not sell enough?