Extreme FPS drop/stuttering in the monastery quest(PC)

I’ve loaded the earlier save and my framerate is normal.Even in large skirmishes my framerate has been around 60+,yet in the monastery it becomes almost unplayable.I’ve lowered the graphics on every option and the issue persists.

This is my second playthrough after a few months and in the first one I haven’t had any frame drops anywhere.

Do have the “a woman’s lot” DLC?
I found I had the same problems while I was there, I suspect it was because of ‘mutt’ the dog outside the monastery, I broke out one night (through the cellars between 7pm and 9pm I thought was easiest, especially if you have the monastery key) and sent him back to the mill, the frame rate went back to normal after that.
Can’t explain why it worked, but it worked for me. Hope this works for you too!

You are a God and I would die for you or kill others. Also, I did not have to break out of the monastery, I went down to the main chamber with the altar and everything, and the dog was halfway phased through a door. It allowed me to talk with him and send him back, and that worked for my game too.

I literally signed up to thank you. You are a god.
Jesus Christ be praised!