Faint-Hearted Knight

So I encountered the Faint-Hearted Knight and I keep beating him. I want to help him become a great knight but he seems to be a little unskilled. Will he ever be a real challenge the next time I face him or should I let him win? I fought him twice and took his money and sword. (I did it cause I thought he wanted to battle to the death like Henry says) Also does he come back if I tell him to get the damsel?

I only just ran across him just outside Sasau for the first time. instead of betting for his sword I choose his outfit thinking it meant his armor but all I got was a lousy shirt!! I am not good at combat yet and found it easy to beat him and I forgot to equip my shield. Now I want his longsword - did you meet him at the same place both times?

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I did meet him in the same place, but I died so I’m just now running into him again in a different place.

Don’t accidentally kill him (countered his strike, which ended with a face jab from my sword). He died, I took all his crap, and he hasn’t respawned anywhere. I ran into him between the Inn at the Glade and Neuhof a couple of times and once outside of Sassau.

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