Father Simon - no dialogue option

I have 2 quests related to Father Simon. I have no problem to find him, but I am not able to speak to him, because there iss no dialogue option. Is there any way how to make him talk? Console command, gamesave tinkering? He is simply sitting or laying on the groud in the day and in the night.

I can pickpocket him face to face with succes and without his reaction. He has nothing to steal.
I can kill him with weapon (I cant rach him with fists) or I can order my dog to kill him. From his body I can loot his robe and some money.
I have Steam version.

where are the vagabonds?

There were some people nearby when I first met him, but I killed them. I had no dialog with them.

First you talk with father simon and then you need to kill the 2 vagabonds then you can talk again with father simon

That is not the sequence I did. I killed them and there is no dialogue option. And he is clearly bugged, because he is not responding to anything - drawn weapon, pickpocketing (I am not able to fail pickpocket attemt), being gnawed by dog. He has fixed position in all cases. He has 2 states: alive/death.

You can kill them first. pater simon will not be pleased, but you should be able to talk with him

Yes, I’ve expected it. That’s the reason I posted it to the Bugs section.

Quit and save / reload doesn’t fix it?
My problem is getting to him alive. I’m fairly early in the game and get attacked by bandits and Cumans from every road leading towards Skaliz. lol

No, it doesn’t.

This might be silly question but I ask anyways. Did you just find out where he is and try to proceed from there or did you speak to Father Simons girl friends parents on his location? Did you visit her grave first? Not saying this is the solution but it seems like something might have been left undone and the part of the quest you are on maybe is not ready for you

I have his location from his girlfriend’s parents. But he didn’t talk to me even during our first meeting. He was covering in fear after the fight with vagabonds.
I tried to visit him again because of another quest.