Favorite RTS Games? Old, New, or upcoming? Any console RTS?

I really Enjoyed the hell out of Command & Conquer Generals and Zero Hour. But I have gone heavy into my Xbox One, I don’t know of any RTS games for Xbox One at all. Please give me good suggestions, I’ll take PC suggestions too. I just need an amazing RTS game in my life again. Thank you.

I’m a die hard StarCraft 2 fan and RTS games in general, and I’ve been trying to get into FA, I love the overall large scale and premise of the game. But it’s absolutely daunting getting into it, I’ve done skirmishes and wanted to jump on the multiplayer in FAF but every time I look at it and watch some replays from player matches I realize I have absolutely no idea what’s going on or what their plan is, how to play it properly or have the faintest idea of what I should be doing. That game is a beast in a way that SC2 can’t compare, I’m a master level player over there and FA just takes a large dump on everything I know and throws me back into square one without a single clue of what to do, especially on how to synergize with my team.

So any tips for a new player?

9Apps Vidmate APK

Dawn of Man

I really like Age of Empires II.


Yeah, quite glad that this existed prior to the days of tracking time spent in a particular game. My number of hours would not be pretty :slight_smile:

Second that, AoE 2 is great. Also saw people commenting about StarCraft, so thought I’d mention Warcraft III :smiley: It is also getting a remake featuring major visual upgrades.

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