[Feature Request] Bury Bianca & visit parents grave

Hi, I when I first played and finished the prologue, I liked this game quite a lot, quite a time has passed since I played a game that made me care anything about characters, and I never played a game which would make me despise myself (Theresa not being saved).

I actually wanted do create a forum account to do 2.5 things:

  1. Aknowledge this game move, liked it: https://www.pcgamer.com/my-relationship-in-kingdom-come-is-built-on-a-lie-and-i-feel-like-garbage/

  2. Ask to add more content to the “Courtship” quest, it feels empty.


2.5) Ask for a small feature whence you would be able to bury Bianca and/or have some kind of reaction with text/voiceover from visiting parents´ grave - the game put quite a lot of emotional effort into the scenes that lead to their burial, but once the prologue is over, its like “Uh, okay, you dead”.

I dunno about you, but I revisited Skalitza once more and was expecting actually some kind of reaction on seeing their grave, but nothing.

I also was expecting some kind of reaction from Captain Robard who really seemed quite interactive in the prologue, with quite a lot of lines, so whence they rescue me from Runt, i kinda expected on our next meeting he´d atleast call me an idiot for going to Skalitza. But nope.

So here is my request:

  1. Dear developers, please add some kind of Henry´s reaction on visiting his parents grave, anything. Something like “Press F to lay flowers” or something.

  2. Please add something regarding Bianca´s body - AFAIK she gets dumped into some body mound to be picked by crows by Talmberg knights among others. Or, actually is treated as garbage dump by game engine and just removed. Adding some information in a dialogue would suffice. Am I the only one that thinks that not only Henrys parents deserve burial?

This game is really early launch, I dont want even to think how buggy it was on release. yet despite a ton of bugs (which could have quite an easy fix in majority) I still like this game a lot. The combat and gameplay of Gothic 1&2 mixed with Witcher-esque plot and characters is something you dont see often. The game is really good, however it has some immersion-breaking voids that really spoil the experience.

Thats what I think, what about you?