[Feature request] Flavour text for Interesting Sites and Accidents

Hello Warhorse Studio,

When exploring around the maps, some Interesting Sites and most Accidents feel like they have a story to tell : a ruined cottage in the woods, a burnt tree, a wooden totem (Pagan or early christian ? I can’t tell), a fallen wagon down a cliff, a man shot in the back, a woman with slit wrists and a dagger…

I’m pretty certain that all these stories have been though of when making the game. :slight_smile: So why not add them as flavour text, maybe on the map markers ? Examples :

  • “Someone has made camp here lately, the embers are still warm.”
  • “Apparently, some people commited the sin of flesh in the hay…” (haystack near Uzhitz :slight_smile: )
  • “This man chose death over rejection by his lover.” (dead body with slit wrists, a dagger and an amor potion)
  • “An assassin has been buried with the tools of his trade.” (grave with poison and dagger in it)
  • “A twig basket in the river to keep drinks cool.”
  • “Some brigands apparently settled their score here… and this man finally paid !” (man with an arrow in the back)
  • “The ruins of some forgotten castle.”
  • “This must have been a nice cottage… before the fire that destroyed it.”
  • “A stone cairn to indicate the highest place around.”
  • “Oh my God ! What bird builds such a big nest… and eats HORSES ???”
  • “A poacher’s hideout. Maybe he’s still around…”
  • “A wooden totem at the center of a circle of mushrooms. Is it some kind of pagan shrine ?”

Since it’d be a bit of work, why not ask the backers and/or community for their suggestions ? I’m sure they’d be delighted (I would) ! :slight_smile:

A mystery is a mystery, it iis a mystery…
Sometimes its better not to explain everything. Using the brain and your fantasy is better than consume just another story… :blush:

One, two, three or even four unexplained mysteries are fine, but tens or even hundreds of sites/accidents are too many for me.

Especially when there’s no way to tell what they are by looking at the map.