Fechtbuch: The Real Swordfighting behind Kingdom Come


There is a new content on Steam - documentary for 2€ / 4€. You can rent / buy it in a Movie Edition bundle as well.



How do I access the Fechtbuch as a backer? It’s not in my steam library, it still wants me to buy/rent it.


This is great. Next, wish gap between individual and team fighting were addressed.


Log in at the KC:D Website, and the Fechtbuch Movie will unlock in your Steam Library :slight_smile:


@DancingCrap Absolutely Right!
for Backers:


I got into this video now. I like Daniel s T-Shirt.
Interesting and inspirational talking paired with shown techniques about historical fencing.

It would be cool to be able to scroll mouse wheel (or any combinations of buttons) to change between 1st person and 3rd with a different distance to the action. However, as I mentioned before, I still can not imagine how to make full control of your moves into 3rd person, because in 3rd moving mouse usually affects the rotation of camera (there was another game where turning camera was set to QE) and in 1st used for directional attacks.

Or different fighting styles of amateur and more advanced Henry compared to his current weapon competence. Devs thought about this idea before, but seemed to just go with less complicated option.