Feint is missing

With all the struggling … did i already mention that my Henry cannot do any more feint?

What happens when you try? Bernard should teach you the first time you go to him.

To feint you need to first hold the suave bar and then. . . Boom!

Actually you press and hold a mouse button, then just before releasing the button you move the mouse to change your weapons position.

See what I did there?

correct. but it does not work for me with the current version. I`m playing KCD since release

I just finished the vanilla game, now playing hardcore with Band of Bastards and A Woman’s Lot installed.

The feints work for me. I mean, when feinting I’m not GUARANTEED to hit, but I can tell my odds improve. I only ever feint on the first strike ifva chain, mostly because after that my strikes are intended to execute a combo.