Feints do not work. combos do not work. nothing works

Yes, i have read every single thread about this on this forum, reddit, and the internet. I spend more time reading about how to get these basic things to work than playing the actual game
my combat stats are beteen 13-15 just from the constant training with bernard
i cannot get combos to work. 99% of the time they perfect block the first attack (whether its bernard or a poacher). 1%of the time it connects (usually randomly, because feinting doesnt work at all, and is always perfect blocked or dodged, why wouldn’t it be? weapon direction doesnt matter). Then after that, 99% of the time the 2nd attack in my combo is perfect blocked again. Or the combo simply doesnt work. Scarmaker is supposed to be the simplest one according to what ive read but it seems completely broken and doesnt activate, like all the other combos. I cannot even imagine trying a complicated combo in a big battle. blocking and moving around and trying to get a quick random stab or slash while tanking what you can on your armor is all you can do.

what was the point of putting this stuff in the game if it doesnt work?

git good

im trying. i’ve spent about 10 real life hours trying to get the scarmaker on various enemies and i think it worked once. my stats are very high as above. everything i read about this on the internet, most people either say this stuff is broken, or they just dont bother at all and do simple slashing/ master strikes/ archery

here is a quote from another thread

First, timing is essential. You must finish your strike first and when the hit lands, quickly move mouse pointer to new direction and push attack button. IMPORTANT: Do not move your mouse pointer before each hit lands! This is what I’ve been doing wrong, and it took me about two hours to realise that.

this seems extremely hard and maybe why my combos aren’t working. This means in less than 1 second after you try to initiate the combo with your first slash/stab, you must split your attention between 1) moving your mouse to the next position 2) making sure it is indeed at the right angle in the combat star 3) waiting to see/hear the sound of the strike 4) clicking the mouse button to attack. but not too fast. and not too slow

in fact thats what one person from reddit said:

It’s a click for attack, pause till mid animation, move the mouse to the zone, then click once for next attack about 3/4ths of the way through the animation.

assuming this is even true. because i’ve seen tons of contradictory explanations to do it from other people who somehow magically have it work for them. one person for example said timing doesnt matter and you just need to click as quickly as possible through the sequence. amazing