Female Character


Was it common for the Bohemian culture at 1403 and for every social class?
Don’t get me wrong, I also believe that womans at the time in 1403 had done something to look prettier.
But wouldn’t be cosmetics more expensive compared to the present?


cosmetics dating to ancient Egypt were made of varoius organic materials, commonly oils and flowers.

There was not likely a industry selling cosmetics in 1403 they would have been homenade.

Its worth noting that the HRE frowned upon the use of makeup, so it would have been uncommon to see women painted up.


Sibel Kekilli ?



The secular HRE, or the Church IN the HRE? Two pretty different perspectives. Also, the Sumptuary Laws in the HRE weren’t nearly so extensive or restrictive as the ones in England.


Yeah I should have specified it as the church.

As far as I know there was no set laws or restrictions it was just looked down upon.


Since cosmetics is related to herbalism, I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t be part of this game in some or other way anyway.

I used to play The Guild a lot years ago, which I sill think as of some spiritual predecessor of KC:D, and it had one whole branch of industry/education centered around selling parfums, various potions and such with possibility to outlaw it via law and make it illegal. But the industry hasn’t stopped, just got into an illegality… one of the things that made that atmosphere of the game really great :slight_smile:


Maybe if the female character does her makeup in a wrong way, other people would believe that she is a Hübschlerin (old german word for prostitute).

Most citys had their own rules, how a prostitute has to look like. Often clothes with some yellow on it, like yellow bands as accessories.


with her original nose?


Found them in Game of Thrones not bad, was just a suggestion


the long faced angular cheekboned woman weighing 90lbs is really a modern modeling ideal. the average woman would have more estrogen than testosterone exposure thus have a rounder, shorter face


prostitutes should be in full yellow or not ? I think that yellow brand was for jews


of course its not just about look but personality of that female character is for writers to come up with :slight_smile:


Well, I just hope they’ll make better work this time than they did with Mafia’s Sarah decade and half ago :no_mouth:


The HRE was not a central state. There were a lot differences between the single countries. I have readed that prostitutes had to wear something special at their clothes and it was normal in a signal color like yellow or red.


I know and I understand :slight_smile: I actually study history so I can ask professor about this b/c I really cant remember


Ditto. I want a badass warrior, not some dainty little flowerchild. :stuck_out_tongue:


It really depends, should this character be capable of kicking some ass? However I think they asked for a non-fighter persona. (perhaps its for the part that we will play as a woman?)


As I understand it, the female character will only be playable in the prologue and will focus on stealth rather than combat.


Here is some authentic fashion that the developer can use but I think they already know what they look like!

Dress style 14 century

sideless surcoat

Medival Women


Front Lace Gown

Linen Half sleeve


Children Surcoat

Hood, Buttoned ‘London’ Style, 14th-15th Century

Dress style 15 century

13th-15th Coif Turban

German Hairstyle 14th century


1364 Late 14th century



I love how the Wikipedia link to English clothing prominently displays the Sutton Hoo shoulder clasp. It’s only 900 years out of fashion! :wink: