Female Character


Daniel Vávra just posted question on Facebook about “how should young, sympathetic and pretty female character look like”.
So which women (from real life or game) is to you all this ?
For me it is (among others) this one for example

Anya from Wolfenstein The New Order



well that escalated quickly



Pretty! But I belive lipstick and eyeliner are to futuristic.


Isn’t it also very important how good the actress can show the player beliveable emotional expressions?
Personal I don’t like pretty doll faces. I think they are looking always somewhat dull.
I would prefer a attractive face that shows some character.

Since there will be no third Person view, the player will see the face only in cutscene, during conversations and at picking flowers.

Perhaps the female character should smile a little bit if she is picking a beautifull flower and when she is picking a thistle she should look concentrated, because she tries to avoid the stings.


But this is very very detailed :smiley:


Kinda reminds me…


True! Let’s see if somebody else likes the idea.


I think that one you posted is good , she looks just what young pretty female in middle ages should look like . We cant forget that they didnt had any make up or lipstick back then . But i think shes pretty.


And honestly , i already see her in armor cutting through cumans.





But it’s more about the character of that character than just the look. With current steam sales I finally got my hands on Life is Strange and I really enjoy playing as a teenage girl… my dream come finally true :slight_smile:



Something along the lines of:


Nothing and noone can beat Fantaghiró. I almost forgot about her. It would be really great to have a videogame starring Alessandra Martines, Nicholas Rogers or Katerina Brozova :stuck_out_tongue: I’m actually quite suprised no one got the idea yet… maybe in some future act, we’ll get this story in real medieval setting. That would be great :blush: The Sun! Aim at the Sun!


Oh, nooooo, I though I have already forgotten this… thing.



She should have long hair.
I know this is old “style”, but more flexible. She can pin up or cut the hair, if necessary.

No really, woman use red color (for the lips) since 5000 years.


yes this one would be gorgeous