Few years after kickstarter, i get only beta access

Hey! So, i buy, digital baron i think, on kickstarter(digital edition with alpha/beta and full release) i support many games on ks, but this is one where i still didnt get my full key. Others devs do this like… we upgrade you steam alpha to full release, because, if you have alpha you probably buy our game right? Or provide key by forum, i lost my ks account, simply i dont use this, so many years and i feel cheated while i read i need my steam account linked to this one, old email address, worst distribution i ever see, i still have “(beta access)” in my library.

You kinda fncked this guys. First i think, maybe this is my fault, but, next year and another game i buy on ks few years ago get full release and i get my full access, so, hell not, other devs can do what you cant.

Yeah, im happy to.

Can you take a look…

I dont know anymore how it works exactly but you logged into your KCD main homepage profile again?
You will not receive a key. I think you need first to login into homepage profile.

I’ve checked the main homepage profile again,
If it is a thing of Logging in again to activate, you should do that!
With the homepage system during the relaese it was necessary to copy a key from that profile (which was hidden with a spoiler tag) and paste it into the Steam Game Activation window.

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