Fight with the Shield


how do I fight with the shield, like bashing or stumping ? Is this even possible ? The NPC can do it.
And how can I skill the Shield Skill tree, I’m still on 0 (zerooo) experience after hours and hours of game play.

Many thanks


The shield hits/bashing are part of weapon combos and are unlocked through training the weapons.
Defence is levelled up by blocking, especially perfect blocks.

Make sure you train with Captain Bernard until you’ve learned perfect blocks, combos and master strikes. Even if you unlock combos through levelling up, you can’t use them until he has taught you the combo skill.

Minor spoiler (quest name)

You don’t have access to all of the training until you’ve finished the “Ginger in a pickle” quest and Captain Bernard has returned to the combat arena to the north of Rattay.

You can also do it when you enter a clinch… and win it.