Finally gonna play, couple quick questions

Got the game on release, finally going to get to playing it!

  1. Saving, I have a life with a job, kid, etc… Is the built in save system workable? Or do I need the save anytime mod right away? Does it break the game balance to use it?

  2. Performance, I got a decent system, 10700K, 3080ti (yeah!) etc… In the very first village all on Ultra I still can see 40+fps in some specific instances. What should I turn down for minimal loss of the graphics fun but create a 60+fps always experience?

Thanks for any help!

There is a save and exit feature, that overwrite you last save and exit file each time, so leaving the game for an emergency is certainly not an issue. For the regular saving, you need to consume an item each time ( saviour’s schnaps), having enough of em might be an issue early on, but that’s just to reduce the save scumming. Later, you can brew your own and easily stock 20 of em, making the issue irrelevant.

Can’t help you much with the performance, I play on my old GTX 970 and get about the same framerate in 1080p. (Aren’t our own eyes limited to 30-60 FPS anyway?) You can reduce the quality of shadows and illumination, that should help.

Another thing I always do and that seems to help: Open your task manager ans set the priority for KCD to high, seems to have an effect for me.

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