Find the missing’s in a LOCKED chest?

Wow, so…I tried several times to defeat the bandits at the camp, who killed the merchant and stole the moldavite. That was difficult. Then I discover, I still cannot get the freakin moldavite because it is LOCKED in a chest. I’m on Xbox. I cannot lockpick in this game.
It’s not because I cannot keep the ball lined up, it is because the left stick will not turn the cylinder past about 180 degrees. It fails every time. My lockpicking skill is 0 because I can not afford 100s of lockpicks trying to raise the skill.

Is this a timed quest? I do NOT want to spend days on this shit lockpicking mechanic. I still will not be able to do it, because I won’t have the money for all the picks to have any chance to advance the skill. So I get to fail this quest because fighting the bandits wasnt enough for them, you still have to deal with their effing lockpicking crap on console.

I have played many games. I am coordinated. I always have fun with lockpicking in other games, it is never difficult for me. I don’t mind difficult. I do mind IMPOSSIBLE. Especially when the skill is necessary to complete quests.

So, are there more quests where I will run into this RIDICULOUS excuse for a game mechanic?
It seems time to say goodbye to this game, and nothing else from this developer. Which is a shame, because there is much to like about this game. The world, the ambience, the story, the character, even the alchemy. Even trying to learn the fighting mechanics. The story has heart.

Developers need to test mechanics ported to console. Really.

Is this timed? What should I do, if not give up?

Are you using the simplified lockpicking (settings menu)?

Also are you turning it the correct direction (counterclockwise)? It turns clockwise a little, then stops and the pick breaks.

I’m on console — xbox. Please tell me where simplified lockpicking is. It is not in the options.

I’ve been spending all Henry’s hard-earned money on lockpick. Can’t open the easy chest at the mill. XP goes up about 3 pats for every failed attempt, and the lockpick breaks EVERY SINGLE TIME it fails. I thought there was at least a chance it wouldn’t break.

I even got the lockpicking book from the other miller, but it did not even give me one whole level, only about two thirds. And I ‘read’ it to 100%, ‘cover to cover’ as it said. And yes Henry learned to read.

At least they could put a very easy chest here for practice and leveling, I can sometimes open those. The only ‘very easy lock’ I can find in Rattay is the neighbor’s door. Once a night that can be opened.

I don’t know exactly where, but the patch note (1.9) says:

Players can now switch to simplified lockpicking for gamepad in game settings.

Gamepad? No idea what that is…is it an Xbox device?

Is this mission timed?

What a load of sissified whining. Lockpicking gets super easy after a few minutes of leveling lockpicking. Start with very easy chests and level up, that’s it. You can train it with Miller Pshek and get lots of lockpicks from him, which aren’t expensive at all because it’s super easy to get an abundance of Groschen.

Okay so @Dogola now that your superiority is established, perhaps you can actually help by telling me where some ‘very easy’ locks are in Rattay? So far I have only found the front door at the tanners (the neighbors of the Miller). I creep over there every night with some meat for the dog and unlock their front door. But once per day isn’t going to help much if the quest for mordavite is timed. It’s the time factor I am concerned with.

Henry is not rich. If you read what I’ve written here, you’ll see I have done everything I can to level lockpicking. Simply saying that it’s easy and there is plenty groschen to be had is not at all helpful. So why bother replying? If it’s just an ego thing, please get your jollies somewhere else.

If someone else can tell me where there are ‘very easy’ locks to practice on, that would be helpful. I find that actually unlocking something nets more than the 3 pts given for a failed attempt. I’ve looked everywhere, am wasting much valuable in-game time trying to level this up do do the quest. If it isn’t timed, please someone let me know, I haven’t been able to find the information and yes google is my friend…sometimes, but not this time.

I have reached lvl 3 and got the durable lock picks thing but am now broke and have only a few lockpicks. I’m still not able to unlock ‘easy’ chests. Well, I did once, but I think they gave it to me…lol…

Did you try “level locking picking kingdom come” by any chance?

Pretty sure it’s not timed.

It annoyed me that NPCs can open doors and chests when they don’t have the keys. Prisoners in jail will even open their own cells if you shoot at them. That, and the multiple doors that won’t open, even though NPCs can open them.

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Thanks @Aradiel, I did see that video. I think I see the lockpicking problem I have.

I am a female with small and not very strong hands. I also have ligament damage on my base left thumb joint which weakens it. I asked my husband to try out the lockpicking in this game, which he has never played. He got an easy chest the very first time he tried it. I did explain the mechanics to him. Now, he often jokes that I am way more coordinated than him. But he has large strong hands.

As I said, he was able to unlock the easy miller’s chest with my level 3 lockpicking skill the very first time. And the second, and the third. And he agreed with the idea that greater strength in the left thumb was likely a factor.

I hope the lockpick mechanic itself becomes easier somehow with higher levels, and it’s not just about the perks. Because even with ‘lasting lockpicks’ perk, they still break most of the tries for me.

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Pretty much everything in the game becomes easier with higher stats. There are also perks that make chests require less turning, and one that opens low level locks automatically, and the fun drunk one that gives you a chance to get lucky regardless of how difficult it is to open, as long as you’re drunk.

If your right hand is okay, maybe try holding the controller upside down, so you switch hands for the controls, or cross your arms. Not an elegant solution, but it might be easier. Failing that, just ask hubby for help again. You don’t really need to pick locks in the game for the most part. I never bothered.


Thanks @Aradiel. It just got MUCH easier, when I changed thumbstick types on elite controller.

Simple switch, put the convex shaped thumbstick on the left, the one with the concave center on the right. Much easier on the left thumb, and also good for adjusting on the right.

If anyone else reads this, might want to give it a try. I open easy chests every time now. :smiley:


Enjoy the game!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


OK, there’s been a lot of trouble with lock picking in this game. I’ve played through it 3 times now, and the first two playthroughs I gave up on lp and installed a mod to bypass it. It’s done very poorly and so I went through the game as if I had a key to every chest… Like maybe one of the bandits I killed actually had a key to their own chest… lol Anyway, I played the 3rd time, and I tried someones advice on lockpicking. I started this 3rd playthrough with only the “unlimited save” mod installed this time. Now, I made sure to do the Pashek / Mill quest FIRST, so I could get the practice chest, which will bring your level up above 0, maybe up to 5 or something. This will help later. Now for the picking… The starting position of the left stick… Most of the trouble with this is when your thumb reaches one o’clock, as it has to transition… so I start at 9’o’clock, or even 12’ o’clock if I’m having trouble. By default, many start at 6 o’clock and the difficult 1 o’clock position gets them right away. The new “easy lock picking” option in the menu is worse than normal, as the only thing it does is make the drum spin faster than you can stay with. Useless.

Just be mindful of the starting location of the left stick, and start at between 9 and 12 o’clock. After you pick a few locks, you’ll find this to be extremely easy. I went all the way up to “very hard” (whatever level that is) breaking only 1 or 2 lock picks. Funny though, once I made it to “very hard,” the difficulty ramped up so high I could not open locks at that level at all, no matter what I tried. I had to install the mod again. After opening dozens of chests in the world with ease, it was like a difficulty wall I could not surmount. I tried the same lock for two days, used the dozens of lock picks I had amassed from not breaking any before, and had to start “save-scumming” although unsuccessfully. It became absolutely impossible. So, you can get that far if you take the previous advice, but if you’re having trouble now, then you will have it again at “very high” level. I think some people just have newer / older controllers, different mice, or just different joints in their thumbs that aren’t as flexible. I plastered for 30 years, so my thumb joints sure aren’t what they used to be, but the 9 o’clock method got me 3/4 through the game. I have to say it’s broken since it’s this problematic that people are actually skipping it altogether or using a mod. I use mods very rarely, and usually just reshades. I only mod the gameplay if there’s something wrong with it… like KCD lock picking.

No left joystick, Just hold the Left button and use the right joystick. its wobbly like there is a magnetic pull on the ball but that’s how I do it with an X-Box controller