Finish All That Glisters before starting King's Silver?

Hello folks

Very minor query here…
I’m a way into All That Glister’s and have just passed Ulrich’s documents to Tobias FeyFar and the quest progressed.
After leaving him I bumped into Radzig and asked if he needed any help, he told me to go and see Tobias Feyfar - starting the King’d Silver quest. The awkwardness of the dialogue here after having so recently spoken to Tobias makes me wonder if there is a correct order to tackle these quests. Especially since both quests seem to overlap a similar part of the plot.
I don’t want to cause any quest tangle bugs!
So should I just continue with All That Glisters? Or take a break from it and do King’s Silver? Does it matter?


Anyone got any advice on this point?

I did them sequentially. Like you, I’d be concerned about tangling up the quests. It’s ok that you started the Kings Silver, just hold off trying to finish it until you completed All that Glisters. I don’t know that you’d run into problems or not, but you never know.

Did you finnish the quest Aquarius? You will get an hint for King’s Silver. An additional option when talking to the guys around Skallitz.

Yes, I finished Aquarius, and the King’s Silver related dialogue with Tobias referenced that appropriately. It’s a tangle between King’s Silver and All That Glisters that I was concerned about.
I think I will probably follow your advice Jonnie. I’ll continue with All That Glisters, complete it, and only then move on to the King’s Silver quest.
I guess that’s the best way to play it safe.