First Time Modder, Looking for a little Guidance

Hello All,
I wanted to try my hand at modding for the first time and was hoping for a little help.
I followed along the directions found on the forums here:

I followed along the directions and got to “10 Registeration of integrated Sandbox Tools/functions” executed the db.reg

The next step says, “Now you’re able to open the Sandbox Editor” I downloaded the Cryengine launcher, figured out how to start a new project, explored the menus and everything a bit. But from here I am completely lost. I went to where I have the modding tools downloaded in my drive and looked everywhere for a “loadable” file (checked KCD>Data>Levels, etc…), but I’m not sure where to go from here. Any resources, videos, articles would be a great help! Love the game and was hoping to make some “quality of life” mods for Pribyslavitz.

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There are couple videos on Warhorse Youtube about modding

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thank you so much! I found this video:

And it was incredibly helpful!

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