First Time Properly Replaying The Game Now

So greetings,

I played the games a year ago, when it was released, and didn’t get too far. I think it was until Nest of Vipers, since that’s the save name suggest. Since i’ve effectively forgotten the details of the story, I decided to do a full replay. However, I distinctly remember me getting my arse handed to me by every fighter that isn’t killed with my stealth kill, or is wearing thicker armor than a cloth. Of course, on my first playthrough, I immediately wanders around the Bohemia as soon as I was able. I believe I did the whole Sasau sidequestline before even getting a horse, which means I also haven’t gotten master strikes yet, making every encounter against more skilled opponent unwinnable since they just kept on blocking my attack.

Now my question would be: When would be the right time to set out on a sidequest exploration journey? Like i said before, setting out wandering the Bohemian landscape when you haven’t even gotten the proper skills (I first thought parrying and countering was just a timing skill that you need to be good at, not unlock) would just end up with you dying stupidly. Is there any main perk that I NEED to unlock first before doing all of the wandering?

So far i’ve been doing the main quest only, focusing on Rattay and never venturing too far for the time being, in fear of getting whacked.

Thank you in advance!

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Just the master strikes. Train with Bernard and don’t go and see Nightingale. Let him wait outside the church while you’re exploring.

Me personally I would say train with Bernard until you’re comfortable with the weapon type you want to use. My current playthrough I trained until I maxed out sword defense and agility then went to grab the stinger from the one ancient chest and the I’ve been slaughtering everyone who got in my way since. I mean the big bad runt went down like a ton of bricks with one stab to the face.

Good for you coming back to it! It is grand isn’t it!? I too came back to the game recently.
I have a different take on “how” to play the game. I attempt to level up as much as possible before leaving Skalitz (see my recent “Henry PsychoPath Deluxe” thread), and then once I reach Rataje, I spend quite a long time doing more leveling and exploring before I ever go talk to Lord Radzig. Always on Hardcore of course. It works for me! I always tend to prefer playing a sneaky sniper type in FPF games, and I don’t like being rushed so I hold off on those first few chapters toward the main quest until I feel like I’m ready.

Thanks, will give this a go next run through. I had previously just gone free roaming as soon as I paid off Peshek, relying on bow and stealth but without the combat skills was dead meat in any proper stand up fight.

The best time to start exploring and sidequesting, is after Neuhof attack, because Main story let you relax finally and you will get a horse.

I also want to start second playthrough on hardcore mode, with “honest Henry”, so no stealing (just when necessary to survive, or if you must to complete quests) and no coward “save and load” when something goes wrong.
I want real hard medieval :smiley: First playthrough on normal mode, soon started to be quite too easy, with stolen gold, armor etc.

Agree Stepan, I enjoying roleplaying properly so no out of character behaviour for honest Henry like theft or knocking out wayfarers to increase stealth.
Hardcore is the only way to play, normal seems like cheating now :wink: