Fix Stealth Mission Already

3rd time playing the mission to scout the Cumans and sabotage arrows and food. First time, I went in the day, poisoned all the food, burned all the arrows, while being chased around. Failed to Sabotage? Second time I made a perfect stealth character. Drop something in the food in the middle of night, everyone starts looking around, light one barrel of arrows run away and hide, they immediately know where you are??? End up KILLING EVERYONE, bane all food pots, burn all arrows, go start the fight. Oh look they’re all back… 3rd try, poison the first food pot, light a barrel of arrows, go hide. Never spotted, yet they run and confront me, exactly where I’m hiding. RUN and loose the pursuers, till combat arms vanish. Stealthed, as I watch them running thru the forest directly in my direction. Amazing how they have radar. What’s the point of a mission you can’t succeed at. I want to be able to stealth kill, poison all the food pots, and light arrow barrels while avoiding the enemy. Sadly the game is so broken, I can’t succeed because they some how know where you are instantly. Please fix this BS!!!

Not combat related. Why is it that I spend all this time courting Theresa, to get layed, just for her to turn around and treat me like we aren’t in love? No marriage, no possibility of other hookups? so lame… Good day Henry…