Fix the bugs

I’m a gamer since pong,
This is easily one of the best games ever made and it’s even educational.
The problem is it has a ton of bugs!
I don’t use mods!

Corrupt save files
Long or infinite load times
Currently my issue is infinite load time at: hot blood cold steel. I can’t continue the game at this time.
Very often when I go to trade I can’t complete the sale because Henry doesn’t load in the doorway thing just his silhouette when that happens you can’t complete the transaction and you can’t select to sell something.
Most of these errors I can live with but infinite load times should never happen.
Also sometimes I glitch out of the game and more often then not it is an hour or more since my most recent save. While I love the way save works in this game there needs to be an auto save option in the settings.
I love the original lockpicking system but I am grateful for the option to change the setting sometimes to save time when I am in a rush because I have to adult

Great game but please don’t release the next game before working out more of the bugs