Flails and Crossbows?

Which is why bows that aren’t longbows should be nerfed, I mean, why do the hunting bows have almost the same power as longbows in this game? Were hunting bows really that strong? If they could balance the bows properly and also increase armour values and reduce the insane amount of scaling you get from strength and your skills which give bonus damage, then crossbows could be implemented properly. Also, flails weren’t really used that much, but they would be cool as hell xDD

i agree. If you have a long bow with long distance/piercing arrows you should do decent damage against plate but not a lot…and just go down from there. Combat in general needs worked on but my only real threat are archers, and if I’m plated up they still take me down fast…it’s dumb

but also think about the time it took to load a crossbow of that poundage…crossbows were more often for siege and even more often defensive weapons, if I’m not mistaken. You would shoot a bolt and then get bum rushed before you could do anything else in this game, except maybe on the big battles. Then people will be all “the crossbow sucks, it takes too long to load” and then they’ll “fix” that and it will be terrible…when you could just leave them out because it doesn’t really add anything that is needed

Maybe in future DLC or sequels if there are bigger castle battles and sieges then add a cross bow but I don’t think it would be worth the few bolts you actually shot off…mix that with the lack of sighted aiming and how often you would miss in this game vs other games and a crossbow would be pretty annoying, personally.

They were used plenty in open battles, not just sieges.

Arrows wouldn’t do anything against plate really. Even a warbow can be stopped by Gambeson.

maybe…but in the kind of fights you see in KCD a xbow would be pretty much useless, aside from the like 2-3 decent sized battles. Just seems like a useless addition aside from just to have xbows. The archers that are already in the game hang back and shoot pretty well already so until they fix the AIs impeccable ability to hit me through bushes and trees in the middle of the night I dont want them to have anything better then what they already have lol

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Why is that?

Reload time. You’re generally fighting like 2-5 people in close ish quarters. You’ll shoot a bolt, draw attention and then have to reload the crossbow, which is not all that fast. In battles like Pribyslavitz you could hang back and shoot but seriously though, the reload time. Reload time and the aiming would mean you’re going to miss a few shots AND have a lengthy reload; just doesn’t seem worth it to me. Especially when a normal bow does just fine in this game, if you aim at nice open/exposes areas

I can see it being super tedious/annoying to hang back and play crossbowman. I would like a battle eventually where we get to defend a castle/town too

you were not supposed to see this. carry on.

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You wouldn’t be reloading a crossbow on horse back; not while galloping around anyway

Flails were mostly for decoration and art, never serious weapons.

Crossbows however would be more realistic for this game than all the bows. Thats not to say there shouldnt be any bows at all, its just that crossbows were common in this time and place.

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So shoot them from farther away?

A proficient crossbowmen could reload very quickly.

The Flail was the national weapon of Bohemia during this time period. They used a two handed variant used for threshing grain. It was heavily used by peasant levies, as it was a relatively common farm implement. In game it would probably be classified as a polearm, and quite dangerous to armored opponents as it’s basically a swinging mace attached to a giant pole.

But, yes - crossbows were common in this timeframe among HRE troops.


The Unicorn is the national animal of Scotland…

My point being that just because something is cool, or recognized as a national symbol, that dosnt mean it was real. Oh, Im sure someone at least tried out the flail as a weapon, but it was never successful or popular enough to be taken seriously outside of an art context. Most representations of the flail seem to originate from a romanticized Victorian notion of the medieval period.


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At the start of their revolt the majority of Hussites were armed with little more than peasant weapons, with slings, bills, scythes and, above all, flails predominating. In fact the Bohemians were noted for their military flails even before the Hussite wars — Konrad Kyeser, for example, at the time living in Bohemia, recommended the use of flails in his military treatise of 1405 — and the Behemisch (‘Bohemian flails’)

Subsequently achieved a notoriety that was to last right up to Maximilian’s time. The Hussites called their flailmen cepnici, and one such is depicted in 123, based on a contemporary drawing of one of the Taborite brethren. One detail worthy of notice is the small red chalice, the symbol of the Hussite movement, embroidered on his hood for identification, seemingly a common practice amongst the Hussites. His pavise (pavezy) and secondary armament are added from other sources, the latter being a variety of short, slightly-curved, single-edged sword popular in Slavic countries as far apart as Bohemia, Poland and Serbia. The pavises shown in 123a-e demonstrate the considerable variation in the size and shape of such shields; the larger ones (sometimes called taras in Bohemia) would have been used by crossbowmen and handgunners.

Bohemian use of flails was well known historically, and widely used in the Hussite Wars and before.

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only soliders and organized armies used halberds
you can clearly see Halberds used in the cuman camp siege, since Halberds were used by organized armies only
not by peasants or common bandits

5 Second reloads sound a bit optimistic, to say the least, for crossbows. And crossbows of light draw weight are noticeably less powerfull than longbows.

What a crossbow IS actually great for is ‘sniping’, that is, you dont exhaust your ever more shaking hands holding a bow at draw, but instead have the fully spanned crossbow and can take aaaaaal the time in the world, to steadily and safely aim, or wait for that moron guard to pop his head above the battlements once again.

Just so we’re all clear here…this is what a 1400s bohemian peasant flail look like…if you wanna grab one of these and try to fight people effectively go for it


You know how you beat that? If the game is going to be realistic in its hit zones/strike surfaces, you close disntance and throw your shield onto the pole of the flail. This weapon, used by yourself against 1 or more enemies, is going to get you killed. People used them, sure…doesn’t make it a good weapon.