Flails and Crossbows?

So I was looking through a few game files due to modding, and while looking inside the Tables.PAK files I found this
image We’re missing crossbows but ALSO flails??

Maybe they will add that in the future updates.

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I hope so! And more armors and weapons too.


Yes my friend! A good selection of armour and weapons.

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I’d be happy! :slight_smile:

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possibly they were developing them but were not able to implement. i do remember them talking about flails being considered then canceled due to inability to make it work with the combat system.

We will see crossbows eventually, I’m sure a lot of people at Warhorse are themselves eager to see it implemented.

It is more complicated than just the technical implementation though. Historically crossbows were considered too dangerous and were forbiden for use against Christians… this was because a noble knight would be very vulnerable to a crossbow and they probably wanted to keep their advantage in the field of battle as well as against common folks.
It would be great if it could be impemented in such a way that when you’re carrying a crossbow you’re being frown upon or even forbiden to enter a castle unless your reputation is really high.

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Didn’t know about Christians D:

Also if you happen to see crossbows in games like War of the Roses it’s obvious that if in a semi arcade game like this, the reload is a pain in the ass, then in reality it is likely to be 10 times harder to handle fast a crossbow and not get killed.

A noble knight in plate armour would be in no more danger than against an english longbow, which actually were more powerful than the existing crossbows of the time this game takes place, and plate armour showed to be perfect protection against arrows. Maybe a special armour penetrating head would be able to penetrate the plate slightly, but not do any actual damage to the knight. But yeah, Idk how people looked at the crossbow, if what you say is true, then it might be difficult to implement, but this game has many historical flaws anyways. Like, in this game the most common weapon is the sword, if people have polearms they have halbers, when the lucerne hammer or pollaxe would be much more common for knights and spears would be more common for non-nobles.

was this even really a thing by 1403 anymore? when the crossbow first came up, it’s use against christians was sanctioned by the church, but they were incredibly popular anyways and were rapidly spreading across the country…


IIrc, crossbows were not included in the game because they would be OP if they were correctly depicted.

Despite the slow reload, their strength and easy aim would mean one free kill each time you meet an enemy, before switching to your melee weapon.

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UNless the opponent is wearing full plate armour, not even armour penetrating bolt heads would be able to penetrate that and actually deal damage aswell. It would put a real dent into it though.

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A decent bow with Piercing arrows and a Bow level above 5 more or less guarantees that too, so what’s the difference?
Me personally, I wish we had a sling. Not a lot of damage unless the enemy is unarmored BUT can be used to sling stones and distract enemies/guards. It would make stealth a bit more tolerable in this I think since everyone has the eyes of a hawk on the darkest midnight in all of the void it seems and the ears of the most alert jackrabbit in an echo chamber.

Well to be fair, most people you are discovered by are either guards on patrol or bandits taking their guard shift around the camp, so you’d think they’re good at discovering you, also in this game you make a lot less noise than you would irl, i Mean, even if you’d sneak in the woods all the leaves and the uneven ground and the bushes would give you away instantly if you got within 10 meters. But yeah, I wish the bows weren’t as op, they shouldn’t be able to penetrate plate, nothing in this game is supposed to do that other than possibly the backside of a warhammer, but that isn’t even used in the game. Also I like the idea with stones, but maybe it would be better with throwing stones to distract people rather than using a sling? Just a thought :slight_smile:

not neccessarily. You can’t just draw a crossbow. you cannot store it with a bolt in situ, reliably, so you’d have to at least put the bolt on before shooting.

Storing a drawn crossbow would be kinda weird yes, even more so with the bolt put in place. However I don’t think they’d have to do it like that, you can get off your horse, pick up your undrawn crossbow and load it on the spot (If it is a medium end crossbow, around 160kg draw str, you could load it in less than 5 seconds, spanned crossbows weren’t a thing yet that early in the 1400’s), you should be able to get off 2 or possibly 3 shots before someone gets close (You didn’t use your hands, you used a lever), which would mean you could kill 3 lightly armoured opponents fast whereas a longbow doesn’t necessarily punch through a gambeson and mail (Crossbows wouldn’t be super effective against mail either, but more effective than a longbow, especially at close ranges). I think it would totally be do-able, would just require some balancing by nerfing bows so that you can actually choose to use the crossbow over the bow, which rn is really op.

This was about as enforced as Jaywalking is now a days.

IF they add flails, and you can use them off horseback, I’ll lose my fucking mind. Flails are like the most traditionally messed up in terms of how they were actually used vs how they are implemented in games. Adding flails to horseback riding in a way like say, it can be equipped from horse storage while you are riding or some such then maybe…other then that it would be stupid


I mean, bows are already pretty OP…what do people think crossbows would be? Also, as soon as they added them someone would complain because they take too long to reload and “i die every time I reload” or some junk…crossbows would be virtually useless in this game except in the couple of large battles you actually have, and still a bow is just fine.