Flickering shadows

Anyone knows how to fix these flickering shadows?

I played this game a year ago and everything was normal back then. Now I got RTX 2080 Ti so I wanted to check this game and noticed problems with shadows. I thought there is something wrong with the new card so I put my GTX 1080 Ti back and the flickering/rippling shadows are still there. So it’s not a hardware issue. Any syggestions? Any of you had same problem?

Is modding the only way to fix this problem?

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Actually there is!

copy this : e_ShadowsMaxTexRes=4096
open the ingame console
Paste, enter, enjoy

Had the same problem, this completly fixed it for me.
It costs some Fps but with ur hardware it shouldnt be a problem.
unfortunately u have to do it everytime u start the game

Just make custom config file and put that command here so u dont need to do it every time

Have to try that since I got huge shadow flickering especially on far away trees…

wouldnt call setting the shadows to ultra a fix… “some fps” cost is actually up to 30%

hey , have you found a solution for this ? I am having the same issue on my RTX 2070 , I remember playing the game before for a bit on a gtx 980 ti and I wasnt having this issue , I also tried on my girlfriends pc that has a gtx 970 (today) and its the same on her computer , so I dont think its hardware related , I see that a lot of ppl are having this issue but I found no solution online.
here is a video :


No, I haven’t found any solutions. I have these issues with shadows and anti-aliasing in all games in the past 11 months. Even full hardware change and clean OS reinstall doesn’t change anything.

Almost all graphical glitches in one pic expect indoor window/door flickering(lighting issue). So shadows flicker, pudlle edges are “pixelated” in most areas, next to wagon is bit blurry area I doubt its using x16 anisotropic filtering and fireplace smoke flickering is still thing at nights or whenever is dark eg. indoors and settings are max. e_shadowsmaxtexres 2048/4096 is not proper fix it help alot but if u choose to use ultra high lighting it causes flickering indoors and probably somewhere else and also kills fps.