Florian keeps running away BUG

I get told Florian is in the cellar under the bakers and when i go to see him he is sitting in a chair at his desk in the cellar i approach but no option to speak to him only pick pocket , i just approach him and he gets up and runs i get the message about scaring people and making them run etc… nothing i do ever works can not approach the bastard

If you did it during night, it is understandable.

no mate always during the day no matter how i approach but it sorted out when i forced myself to go to jail got out met another guy whom i had to tackle and beat into submission to complete that part of the quest never even got to talk to Florian

Once I stole from blacksmith in the upper Rattay, he saw me, I ran. Next time I came, he ran, another days too. So when guards caught me I paid. Everything fine since then.

Same…been looking for this he runs away no mater what i cant continiue playing

It’s not a bug, he’s afraid of you. You can continue. There’s multiple ways of solving that quest. The easiest way is to just go directly to the mine where the next part of the quest is.