Font while writing in forum

So why the heck do we get a tiny capital letters font while writing posts, instead of, for example, just a suggestion, the font which is actually used for showing it? I can’t see properly which of my letters are actually capital, so I have to look over to the right side to the preview wich is totally an adequate preview and because of the transparence you can read it exceptionally well!
Have you guys any idea how much time I spend correcting texts which I couldn’t see are incorrect? My little OCD jumps in triangles every time I write a text in your forum!
I tried months to ignore it but … seriously am I the only one being just a teensy tiny tad salty about it??

In short: Change the frikken writing font into something normal!

(pls help :slightly_smiling_face:)


It differentiates this forum from others. It’s about standing out.

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Slightly bothered me too, until I realized that message preview is shown to the right. Have to say, I’m new to KC:D forum and I very much like how it works so far

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Is this … supposed to be funny? If you want to stand out, look good while doing it and not like a fool!

@DrFusselpulli HAlp!

Well you kinda did stand out yourself…

The forum works and isn’t the same Invision board like other forums.

It does have some perks, too, I know, for example the reply system.
But there are things any graphics designer with focus on customer experience would avoid at all cost - and making a task as simple as writing a text difficult or frustrating is one of them.

Greetings from a fool :yum:

I spent about 1/3 of my posting correcting capitals and re reading to see sentence ends because their so small.


It was a pretty horrible transistion, to me, having written for five months via an android phone, to try out the iPad version of it (which sounds like its a mobile vs desktop browser comparison).

The mobile version of this page gives heaps of functioning that the iPad version displays either incorrectly or breaks outright.
I think the proper desktop expereince might be very great- but writing in two tiers or CAPITAL LETTERS is really hard to do when you’ve used pratical platforms for thirty plus years. …

The page navigation issues the iPad browser introduces is relatively unbearable; the two issues combined and after a half day of iPad browsing- I’m back on android.

My phone battery is pretty sick. (Drains to 63% just trying to boot it and will randomly die at anypoint from 50% onwards).
It would make using the iPad a no brainer- except how broken the browser for KCD forums are when rendering to the screen.

Tgoight it was uncanny that the OPs post went up the same day I experienced the issue - and after another attempt at iPadry… I’m back to post my agreement with this threads founding post.

TL:DR mobile android experience is better than worlds largest web consumption platform.
Hmmmmmmmmm. (Things that make you go…)

This forum is atrocius on an ipad.
Couldn’t even start a new thread.
Most commands a missing,… menus load empty, formatting runs offscreen, and key visible data seen on other platforms isn’t even a thing.

I have used an ipad for a few years to navigate 99% of my web activity and have not had an issue as big as this site yields.

One or two had issues that would make me prefer other platforms,… but to be so close to unusable as to be not used is pretty serious.

Someone here responsible for these webforums needs to play around on an ypad for a bit to see how many many people will have seen these forums (probably found it impossible to contribute and moved on…)

Serious issue.
Needs fix

Yes, I dislike this feature too, which came with an update of the discourse software of the forum. Can´t change it, sorry :frowning:


The small capitals are terrible. Definitely make the forum stand out - as very inconvenient.

The browsing on Android tablet is almost impossible as the page layout is broken and the right part of the page is missing. Could anybody from @warhorse look at it? (Samsung Tab S2, Android 7).

If it does not work on iPad too (as reported by @Whitedragem), it may be related to the display aspect ratio and resolution, I believe both iPad and Tab S2 have the same aspect ratio, which is 4:3 and Tab S2 resolution is 2048x1536).