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To be clear, the Optimized Graphics Preset mod does NOTHING WHATSOEVER to help performance. It is exactly what it says, a package of graphics settings presets (i.e. low, normal, high, very high, ultra). This mod does nothing that the user cant do without it, anyone can go into the game’s graphics settings and make selections that are the equivalent of what the presets would set. I have tried it and noticed no performance/FPS difference whatsoever. Not being critical of the mod creator, except you are misleading people, intentional or not, dont go getting people’s hopes up that this mod will give a huge magical boost, when it wont. The most surefire route to better performance, upgrade your hardware or buy a better PC. I don’t plan to try your new versions because I’m sure that they’re just a rehash of the one I tried months ago. The reshade mod is just another ENB, if anything it will lower performance, which is what ENBs tend to do.


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Nice screenshots, but the reason your results are good is clearly because your hardware is more than capable of running the game with good performance. That doesn’t prove the presets work. like I said, anyone can get the equivalent of your presets by just tweaking their settings, mods not required. I have nothing personal against you, I’m just confident that a package of presets alone isn’t going to produce results like “Your FPS can double”. That is an outrageous claim and we both know it. It’s like saying, hey I have a Pentium 4, 512MB RAM, and Intel integrated graphics, but yet I can double my KCD FPS by just using your presets. Ain’t gonna happen. Even if you have halfway decent hardware that meets the minumum specs required to run KCD, it still ain’t gonna happen. The best solution to better performance is hardware upgrades. Also, I’m pretty sure you’re using an ENB/reshader of some kind, stock KCD graphics don’t look like what you’ve posted. that would skew your results. How about deleting the ENB stuff and all mods, then install JUST the presets, then post screenshots of that.


delete the post do to idiot


It seems all you can do is toss around insults around about someone’s intelligence. When you dont even know them. You dont know what I do for a living, my education levels, hobbies, relationship status, etc. Not once have I implied you are dumb just because we disagree on some things. I am trying to keep things civil but when someone states not once but twice that I have low intelligence, that pushes my patience (and how polite or not I will be).

Anyway, I’d be willing to give your mod another shot, I want to test your doubled FPS claim. It’s been well over 6 months since I last tried it. What have you changed/improved? Any cheats bundled in that I’ll have to delete? What about installation/usage specifics? I’m assuming I just have to extract the archive into the game folder and play. Are there are config files I will have to edit in a text editor?



Hello. I apologize for the bad English. I installed this mod and with this mod I have installed cheats into the game. Can anyone advise me on how to uninstall cheats? Thank you


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