For those considering buying the game


I highly recommend this game. Many hours of enjoyment lay ahead.

The game is on sale on STEAM for 50% off. Pick up your copy before it ends on the 11th of February. And dont forget those DLC. Most are on sale also and well worth it.

If you didnt get a physical copy of the artbook. Its got a lot of beautiful art in it. I enjoyed looking through it over and over. The digital copy is super cheap also. Gonna pick that up too and you should also.

Also the soundtrack is really cheap too. Dont forget to support the team who brought us the amazing music featured in this game. They deserve your support as much as the other DEVS. After all a game without great music changes the dynamic of things dramatically.




never heard of any of those retailers. There are 3 good options that you know are safe. Warhorse website, Steam, and GOG. I would suggest only buying from trusted sources because you never know what could happen. Not saying your link is malicious though just in case you misunderstand my intent.



It totally depends upon the platform that you are gonna used to play your game. and then check the online source to buy.