Forum is pretty quiet tonight

Everyone must be busy actually playing the game, instead of complaining about it. :laughing:


Not us console peasants lol. That’s okay; Henry started off a peasant too.

Was just thinking the same thing. Also, there seems to be actual constructive game play talk.

Could be a turning point with the new patch.


Wow u speak sentence gud.

everyone 's waiting for the patch (again). complains (fully justified) will start soon after the new patch will be “tested” (by paying customers).

Maybe they should have tested the game before they sold it to us.

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Because everything suddenly just works :slight_smile:

I have time, I can wait for patches
Havent been looking in the forums much lately… too much non constructive criticism
and always the same things popping up.
I hope when some months passed and WH fixed the biggest bugs it will get a lot better like it was before release.