FPS! Please help

Ryzen 5 2600x
Gtx 1060 6gb
Ram 8gb

So I just bought the game and the game is totally unplayable. My avg FPS stay at 10 to 20 and doesn’t seem to be smooth at all. Is there something wrong on my end?
Please help I would really like to play the game.

Your PC should not have problem. I also have 1060 but trippled with better CPU and RAM. Try adjusting your NVIDIA control panel / manage 3d settings in program settings for KCD. You might ramp up your performance there if it is not go from the in game settings. I assume you are playing on lowest graphical settings possible. Did you install improved graphics DLC or mods?

What kind of CPU?
Have u installed newest drivers for mainboard, graphics card … ?
Setting High? try at medium or low

Your system should be able to play the game well in the High preset (don’t go above though !!) at 1080p (except Rattay that needs an 8 core CPU)
That’s weird.