"Free World" Mod



I’ve been following this game for a very long time and excited for Feb 13th like I am certain everyone here is.
I am watching the Clubit video where he is talking with .Tobi and at around 4:27 Tobias is saying how the game is not a medieval simulator and how it is story driven. (The conversation is about the historicity of KCD). You can’t just be a farmer or anything like that. it right away got me thinking. What if it could be?

This is just a fun idea and I highly doubt possible. Honestly I have only played indie games for the past 8 or so years, this is the first time I think I have bought a full priced 60$ title in that long and a pre0rder at that. I kind of have a problem with “story driven” games, because even if they lay claim to not being linear (and they may really not be) I always feel that they are. IF there is a story there is an end. If there is an end, I’m being driven to that end. (A good example of this is The Long Dark. Such a great game and very much freedom of choice yet I feel confined because of the story)

What I am kind of getting at is… Imagine KCD in the setting of a game like The Guild series or something roughly similar. Where you enter the world and really just do and pursue whatever you want for however you want. What a fun idea for me. : ).
Anyway, just a fun idea for a mod I had I suspect it would be monotonous if not probably impossible to creat. I am very much looking forward to what Warhorse has baked story wise into their game and I am sure there will be alot to do.
God bless.


That could be interesting too, but it would be a very different game . Dan will always make story driven games in my opinion…

I suggest you keep an eye on Ken Levine and what his new studio Ghost Story is cooking. He wants to make a Skyrim like sci-fi game which is story driven, and also SYSTEMIC, so it can be replayed over and over infinitely, everytime with completely different story and outcomes…


Hi, it sounds like you are looking for game called “life is feudal”, seems exactly like what you want? :slight_smile: