Friendly Fire


In the thick darkness of a stormy night, Cumans show the impossible level of combat coordination - esp for the people, who were sleeping a second ago and now have to fight without seeing anything.

Why there are no friendly kills, panic, and attempts to set a light source?

I know, the NPC AI is rather weak, but it’s not that hard to implement.


It certainly would be cool for a more lively reaction when rousing a camp. For bandits I think a little panic and chaos would make sense as well. I think for Cumans though, an organized reaction makes sense. they’re trained warriors and technically camping in enemy territory.

I don’t make video games for a living so I don’t claim to know how easy it’d be but I agree it’d be very cool.


Cumans (from what I read about them) were trained mostly for sting-like attacks and mass ambushes, not to stay behind the lines and disturb the enemy by robbing civilians - it’s a pretty modern tactic. And it shoudn’t be forgotten that in the game we fight not Sigizmund’s cuman army, but a handful of deserters, people with low morale and possibly not that good soldiers. Actually so bad soldiers, they’re even singing in night (what helped me a couple of times to locate their camps).


The AI do hit their own side a lot. When fighting bandits that have both melee and archers, I always try to keep the men Iam in melee with between me and the archers.

If anything it is too easy to get them to hit their own side.


Once in a while, the friendly fire provokes battle among allies. Wish WH built in more tolerance (eg ‘I’m sorry, my bad’ mechanism)


I think the only thing that really bothers me about current camp behavior is when for whatever reason one or 2 guys run in to the woods screaming for help, Abandoning their allies (which they’re calling for) in the process.


Reminds me… the horse parked at the bandit camp W of Ledetchko. Wish every enemy camp not only had at least one but that they also used it


There are a couple of camps with horses “parked”:

  • to the east of Rattay: you pass the mill and fishpond and there is a little camp with three or four cowards. They keep the animal near the road so you can get on it before they notice
  • to the south-west of Skalitz. Climb the hill where the air vents and other mine maintenance buildings are placed, then go west to the road near the wood. The camp will be to the west of the road. But it’s a challenge: the guys there are strong and skilled, their armor is well polished and arrows are piercing. When I was knocking out the guy outside the camp, they all woke and near killed me. But in general they’re cheap - the chest doesn’t contain anything remarkable and the equipment is anything but expensive.

(fun fact: in Pszybyslaviz I’ve killed a sentry on the bridge who had 11 (eleven) merchant swords in the inventory. Now I wonder, were those collected from explorers like me, or was it another Radzig’s secret son)


whatsherface needs more room in the monastery barn. i borrowed one from there


haha, nobody loves poor Johanka.

but asshole or not, she has shown her good nature twice, first when warned us about the catchpole and later when nursed the wounded from Skalitz. she definitely deserves understanding and respect.

(except maybe the Custodian, who likes her, and it seems soon she gonna left the reeking barn for linen bedsheets and hot spiced wine in the fancy cornerhouse)