From the ashes DLC - Dismissed by Sir divish = Useless DLC now?


Hi guys,

New guy here. I signed up because this really pissed me off so hope there is some other solution than using an old save here.

I’ve got all current DLC’s for the game - Love the game and I was really looking forward to building my “own” town.

But I managed to get the “a place to call home” quest started with only 10K money. So I only managed to build Woodcamp and Bridge/Road before I had to get more money.

Unfortunately, I got caught robbing a store after knocking out someone and couldn’t pay the fine - So I chose prison. Which was 10 days and then the quest “A place to call home” failed.
Now I’ve progressed in my game and got a lot of money and went to Marius to build a new building. But he told me I had to speak to Sir Divish, and so I did.

He dismissed me from bailiff of Pribyslavitz and I am no longer able to do anything there… REALLY?

The camp went out of money since I was 10 days in prison. (Or almost there was 1xx in the chest, but probably not enough to pay the workers.)

I don’t want to go hours of gameplay back because of this. It can’t seriously be for real that because of this I can’t use my DLC in the game. (Money well spend…)

So is there anything to do here? any way to become bailiff again?

Currently, I am f**k this game. I’ve seen a lot of bugs but ignored them but this one is really getting me…

Note: I play on PC(Win 7). I do not have any mods installed. Only the game itself and it’s DLC’s from steam.

(Fun)Fact: You cant kill Sir Divish and Sir Robart… But they can kill you along with the 10 guards that instantly rush and fuck you up. (I got pissed and tried to kill him after he dismissed me… rofl)


It is not a bug, but a feature. You play like a bad thief, then suffer the consequences. Btw, I was never caught on purpose and I robbed the whole shops. I finished the DLC and only few people here on forum lost their bailiff status due to their incompetence. I think developers want to teach their players to be responsible for their actions, so if you do something bad in game, replay. You can still play the DLC, like any other game, you fail the quest - Repeat.


They warn you, that you have to take care about the money. And that you will loose your job if the village runs out of money. Soo… it’s nothing to complain about.


Hahaha, this was funny!

Thanks buddy, I always wanted to know what happened if… Now I know - thanks to you - and saved me the trouble.

You must be a really bad thief. I think you chose poorly how or when to be a thief.

Take a rest and repeat, you start the quest with 100 rep, so, you lost your status not just for once, but then you let your people starving with no money. I got caught once and my rep dropped to 86 at once, trying to lvl up my rep was a pain in the arse. No more experiments for me.

You have the warnings, you have a mission, so, it’s only natural that you are dismissed when you fail badly. Good for you that it doesn’t fail the entire game, just that mission…


You are warned that if you fail you will be dismissed……… The DLC doesn’t add much to the game overall. I am some what disappointed by the limited scope, but hopefully future updates will expand it to be more meaningful.


Haha no problem mate!

I didn’t commit any crimes in in Pribyslavitz - But in Rattay :wink: (You can read it in my comment below)

But yeah I do get the logic somehow about a mission is a mission. But since it’s a (kinda) big DLC/thing in the game it’s a bit overkill to completely remove this that easy. Especially when I spent money on it besides the original game costs :slight_smile:


Incompetence… Really dude? Nice to meet you as well. (Or not?)

Well I might have forgotten to mention that I did not commit any crimes in Pribyslavitz, but in Rattay. Where I got instant caugth by the bugged shop gaurd. (That somehow can walk through doors without opening them). So not much to do there.

Also, I’ve owned this game for 3 days only - Still learning :wink:

But again. the town runs out of money and the logic is a removal of Baliff status since Sir Davish have heard I’ve done everything wrong(Even things I never managed to get started lol)… A bit overkill in my opinion. I would understand it if I was killing my own citizen and such things.

But no - The problem is that I cant play the DLC now? :wink: Which is my reason for asking the question in here. (Also never said it was a bug - I even marked the thread “gameplay”… :slight_smile: )


Seems you still need to learn a lot. Good luck!

You didn’t commit crimes in Pribyslavice, but in Rattay. That means that the reason for you to fail was you were lacking funds while you were absent. Try putting enough money for several days in advance if you are going to leave Pribyslavice like that.

There are NPCs that you can’t kill for obvious reasons, if you try, they will kill you, for the game objectives is the same anyways… If they are killed game over, so, game kills you instead.


You can not play DLC anymore if you continue, only if you restart. Instead of building Wood camp and Bridge, you should have left money in the chest for financing Marius, since he is very expensive, not so much the refugees.

If you ever get caught stealing by someone again, even if he surprises you by walking through closed door, never accept prison, always run, you will have chance to improve reputation later or pay for debts through indulgencies in Rattay church.

Sir Divish and Robard are main characters tied to main quest as well as few other NPCs without a name. This is common protection against players trying to break game by killing main quest givers without which the game could not be finished as they trigger story.

It does not matter if you commit crime outside of Pribyslavitz, what matters is time flies by when you stay in prison and some future quests are also time related, just to warn you before raging again.

Developers did not recommend players to steal from villagers but to loot Cumans. The game warns you to be careful, it is logical in game decision. You can blame only yourself, however, the game can be still finished, even if you fail some other future quests, again to warn you before rage quitting.

Did not Sir Divish say to you that you are incompetent to run the village when you came from prison? And how would you like if Bailiff of your village went to the prison, would you want to stay in a village under control of a criminal? It is logical these things happened. Try again.

Currently, I am f**k this game. I’ve seen a lot of bugs but ignored them but this one is really getting me…

By the way, this DLC mostly offers special goods, horses, little stories, dealing with problems at the village.


When I got caught I didn’t get the option to flee. I could either pay him or go to prison.

With all other guards it’s been no problem but this “Shop guard” was like: “You shall not pass!” and off to prison, I went for 10 days. I did leave money in the chest for the workers and the locator but I didn’t expect to end up in jail for 10 days tho.

The easiest way to get some quick money for me is looting the villagers/stores at night where all are sleeping. (Almost all…)

But for this situation I was thinking: Okay… I’ll get a final warning from Sir divish about this and THEN I have to be careful about Pribyslavitz future. That would make more sense to me when it’s a DLC. But nope. And I can’t remember what Sir Divish told me, but he said a lot about stuff that never happened in Pribyslavitz but I surely recall that the word incompetent wasn’t mentioned. I might be wrong, I won’t go for it again :wink:

And yeah I could have told my self that the NPC’s could not be killed. But he pissed me off :stuck_out_tongue:

PS. Thanks for the video. Didn’t knew that was an option to do lol.

But thanks for your time guys. Now I will try to catch up my 10 hours of lost gameplay so I can rebuild Pribyslavitz…


Yeah, it would also make sense to warn player before final decision to cancel it. Did you try to choose option pay and then still had two options - Pay or Prison?


Restart and begin a new game or start from a previous save before starting the DLC. We learn by doing.


Other choice is start with hardcore, slightly different experience.


Only somewhat?! Tho art more tolerant than I good sir!. Also the devs said the DLC is one and done no extras later. The 2 Dev involved said so on their live stream months ago.


Eh, seriously. You’re the Bailiff of a budding colony, and you’re warned you’ll lose this status if you bring dishonor to Divish. If the DLC was a bit more flushed out and realistic, you’d lose your status just by being thrown in jail for robbing peasants. You’re not the tax collector, you’re a judge and steward.