From The Ashes is that it?


I thought we would get to rule over the people a little. Settle disputes or put people on trial something other than just build. It’s a neat little feature, wondering if another quest becomes active later on maybe?


You do get to judge disputes like 4 . decide on a butcher if you pick that building or a baker. not both. Not much else. I rate the DLC as a major disappointment.


Thanks that’s disappointing though.


I recall the original trailer suggesting more input like settling disputes and making decision on more than whether to build this or the other building. Major disappointment. Let’s hope that the other DLC’s are better.


Just don’t place any bets on it. To quote President Reagan " trust but verify"


I remember the dev’s saying in the lets play vi for the FTA dlc that it was more beneficial to play the dlc mid game rather than post game. I am on my Third play through of this game and have completed the dlc mid way during the play through, yet im still wondering what the benefit of the dlc is supposed to add (besides the Herod Sword from my blacksmith, that has shitty stats anyway and that I have less money in my pocket after all is done). Hope the new dlc is different, though I foresee it to be more like some extra content that was cut from the original game more than actual dlc. Cause I cant see it taking place if Capon has already walked off the map. Oh well we will have to wait and see, but I would not hold my breathe.


You can also get the sinew bow, if you build a guardhouse. I have played the DLC both ways in the middle and the end, no real difference other than your choice what to build.


I built it and never have seen it. with and w/o mods in play. Also for a while could not see the archery guy, he was with the exception of his weapons invisible. When around never sold any bows.


the amorous DLC seems like a glorified version of the ‘get the wine from the Rattay cellar’ mission/objective. cute but seen the premise before. would be nice to see a new game mechanic.

tournament DLC could be interesting but still wondering how common it was for Bohemian nobles to convene combat tourneys in the midst of foreign invasions.


i think the sinew bow is worth about 50h playing time


I wouldn’t know as I stated above I never had a chance to acquire one.
Fortunately Capon’s bow mod still works and I use the 100 version as my war bow.


i don’t know from firsthand info either. just guessing based on how many hours i got out of my Cuman bow, hundreds of hours.

does you bow mod also change the strike sound? which arrows do you use?


Never Paid attention to the sound. I always use better piercing arrow with one exception: chasing a running target with a little distance on me then better long distance Arrow.
With the bow and the arrows I use and bow reticule I can snipe and one shot kill at a distance like firing a rifle in .300 Winchester magnum. Especially since WHS seems to have add a new kill zone: the midsection at the belt line of the target, front or back. Hit there and one shot dead at least with my Tackle.


On the SWORDS…there SHOULD BE a Trophy Rack to Put all these ONE OFF Items? (Similar to Skyrim’s? I actually acquired Sir Robards “HOOD” but…NOW what do i do with it? (neat trick getting it too LOL)


Never gonner happen. WHS considers Ashes one and done. Now need to do more. Only mod support …might… fix that.


from what i could see is we will be build more and making the village bigger when the new patch’s hit further down the line as if you did listen divish wanted more land to be used for farms and housing but he wanted that done at a later date


Can I play the new DLC if I’ve already finished all the main story ?, but I did not go with Hans Capón?
I mean the DLC that is to come.


They said so on the live feed they had a couple months back.