From the ashes lacks interaction

If from the ashes is started before the siege, I as bailiff should be able to harness my towns assets to support my liege the old man Hennish. The road should have been much better constructed towards the castle. Hal is a junior noble by now that has pulled off some Audi Murphy style heroics but is still treated worse then Kunish the town drunk. Daddy Radz does not want his son to be a prince putz. Henry wants to lead. I was so bored one play through I drank myself to death.

And another one realizes how poorly planned and implemented the DLC is.

That’s…actually not okay. That is beyond a massive oversight that you can’t call upon your own men for the Siege and Vranik. I mean on the one hand it’s understandable that you’d want your men at Prizbyslavitz to protect it from Cumans and Bandits, but at least a small force of maybe five or seven men would make sense, even so far as to have them erect a separate camp you’d be able to stay in. That’s however on the extreme end, but not having at least a few of your own men doesn’t make much sense.

can’t even get your own brewery to make/provide beer for the troops

I’ve made beer, specically ale ( 90 gallons(341l) @5 gal a run). Takes about a month start to finish for each batch. Unless your tavern has an on hand supply making it would take too long.

see no reason why Pribyslavitz Boar shouldn’t be able to keep up with poacher’s brew (Inn in the Glade)

From what people are saying, from the ashes is just a grochen dumpster really. Seems like they didn’t want to actually make a deep town building DLC as much as just somewhere to spend your grochen on/motivate you to get more grochen.

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Kinda like a Dumpster fire.

My interaction involves stealing everything from my own town and reselling it in another town. My goal is to hit 3mil grosh by October which I am closing in on soon.

That and bane-bombing entire towns. There is nothing as amusing when you watch npcs flat die in mid walk. Its like human fall flat. The legs and arms rubber-banning is classic must see TV.

FTA seems pretty weak minor dlc, which is why i have not bought it.

You have the right of it. Good decision.