From the Ashes - Pribyslavitz Trader Trespassing Bug

Hello Guys, I have reported the bug that I cannot shop in pribyslavtiz trader(kornelius) after patch 1.8 on febuary.
I sent save files to report the bug to dev, but it seems still the bug persists.
I really love this game and bought all DLCs instantly when it is out but it’s so disappointing now to see a little bug is not fixing for half year.
Is there anyone who have same issue? When will this annoying bug fixed?


I play on the PS4 pro, and I also have this problem. I haven’t always and am not sure where it began because I took a break from the game for several months.
I recruited Kornelius for the shop and now I get the “you are trespassing “ and he and the shop guard says what are you doing in here, etc. during normal day time hours.
I’m also sad that they didn’t fix it with last 1.9.2 patch.

I have encountered this problem as well. I play on the pc version. It doesn’t matter on which hour you visit, every hour is trespassing. Whether it’s morning, evening or night. I have no clue as to why it occurred, but it’s annoying for sure.

Is there any possible solution?