From the Ashes : suggestion/feedback (being accused of robbing two minutes after becoming Bailiff)



I began From the Ashes (DLC) yesterday.
The intro was fine and the Locator bit was cool.

Two minutes after being named Bailiff, I head over to add stuff inside a random storage box where I had stashed gear for my future settlers. The new guard grabs me by the neck accusing me of robbing …

One second …

  • there are ZERO settlers/citizens : no one owns that random wooden box in a bandit tent ;
  • I liberated the place and those are still just old bandit/Cumin tents/boxes ;
  • No one owns the random loot in that camp ;
  • I am the freaken Bailiff rummaging through random abandoned resources and my loot gained through blood and sweat ! I put stuff in there when the box was marked un-owned (marked Open rather than Robbing)

Anyhow, it was funny out-of-character, but also broke my immersion and made me realize quickly my expectations for this DLC must remain low. Thank heavens I had just made a Save a minute before! (using a mod)

Suggestion : keep those random storage boxes without ownership / free. They are not houses and no one lives there yet. it is random loot from the former bandit/Cumin camp.

nb: My behavior implies that gear and food can be stored or given to settlers, which is probably not really a mechanic in the DLC (I do not know yet). I am aware there are other huge feedback threads about this DLC but I wanted my first impressions and suggestion to be noticeable.

Cheers, loved my core game play-through.

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Technically everything on the land belongs to Sir Divish, just because you are the Bailiff, doesn’t mean you can do whatever you like, you still have to uphold the laws just like everyone else.

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I understand your linear logic, but think about it :
random gear and food left over from bandits/Cumins that I want to give to the upcoming settlers.

I am NOT violating the law. I am not stealing, but managing and distributing the bloody random resources; not to mention it is gear taken off dead bandits that I put there initially.

it is within our mandate to distribute those collective resources in order to build/rebuild. That un-owned box is part of the general area that I have to manage. I am not robbing an individual. If I cut down a tree, will I be accused of stealing it for myself? When I hunt game as Master Huntsman of Talmberg, am I accused of poaching? (no)


A proper comparison / analogy would be :
When a police chief (Bailiff) is placing confiscated goods into a generic box, in a generic storage room, do you grab your police chief by the neck and accuse him of robbing ? Note he did not even take anything, but was adding confiscated bandit goods into the storage box.


tip : clear out (take) all loot from the Pribyslavitz camp before sending the letter to Rattay…

No spoilers, but you will lose that loot otherwise.

For players who just cleared out the place and have the DLC though, their much deserved loot would just vanish!
nb: in my case, I am filthy rich, so it does not matter. My suggestion is more about annoyance and immersion.

Addendum : and this DLC is much more fun if added as you playthrough the core story. Less so, really, if you rebuild Pribyslavitz after you have finished everything and have tons of money. I will still play it and have fun with it mind you.