Full Global Illumination?


Anybody know why devs left this out of the game and Is there any hope modders could ge it work in future when full mod support is here? This feature make look much better metal look like metal not plastic like in some cases.


What are u talking about?


Well after playing around with the settings last month you really do not need to enable full GI to get same result in game,couple commands posted below which were posted already but worth a try.
e_svoTI_IntegrationMode = 2
GI computations may be used in several ways:
0 = AO + Sun bounce
Large scale ambient occlusion (static) modulates (or replaces) default ambient lighting
Single light bounce (fully real-time) is supported for sun and projectors (use ‘_TI_DYN’ in light name)
This mode takes less memory (only opacity is voxelized) and works acceptable on consoles
1 = Diffuse GI mode (experimental)
GI completely replaces default diffuse ambient lighting
Two indirect light bounces are supported for sun and semi-static lights (use ‘_TI’ in light name)
Single fully dynamic light bounce is supported for projectors (use ‘_TI_DYN’ in light name)
Default ambient specular is modulated by intensity of diffuse GI
2 = Full GI mode (very experimental)
Both ambient diffuse and ambient specular lighting is computed by voxel cone tracing
This mode works fine only on good modern PC

Just changing the following settings from default to your desired level will result in the same results as full GI going from memory I will chack again to be sure.

Adjusts the output brightness of cone traced indirect diffuse component
(0 is Dark ,Higher Number Lightens screen If Areas Are Too Dark with higher numbers cause shadow to blend in to terrian)

e_svoTI_DiffuseBias= -0.01
Constant ambient value added to GI
Helps preventing completely black areas
If negative - modulate ambient with near range AO (prevents constant ambient in completely occluded indoor areas)
Set higher number will also brighten up vegataion grasses ,along with shadows


e_svoTI_DiffuseAmplifier=1 and e_svoTI_DiffuseBias= -0.01 works like full GI?


I want my armor to shine.


Well just checked it out with shadows and stuff .4K screens I did not check armor ,but looks same too me .Like I said adjust for your taste,I know last time you said it was too dark with _svoTI_DiffuseBias=set low
Default GI

Full GI on


K thx alot need to try!


Not affecting to armors :confused: and that -0.01 way too low like 1 is much better but still looks weird yea I tried different numbers but that command dont affect armor only full GI makes difference.


Show me a screen shot I will do it for you.



Can see the huge difference? and that 0.5 aint good number need to tweak


Well I did a quick compare with these numbers because I had SSAOAmount set to 2 so I left it.
e_svoTI_SSAOAmount = 2
e_svoTI_IntegrationMode = 1

e_svoTI_IntegrationMode = 1

e_svoTI_IntegrationMode = 2


It crashes can u fix that?

idk man do u personally use that really low diffuse number? I mean u see the difference between 20 and 0.6


ummmmmm I know the difference,I am trying to help you.I showed setting sun bounce+ao or full GI or GI can look almost the same.
For your crash try deleting shader file before changing the GI things.


K thx alot u best where was that shader file???


C:\Users\yourname\Saved Games\kingdomcome\shaders

If you have crashing after that you are most likely missing some commands for GI stuff.
I suggest downloading variable commands and add the GI stuff until any crashing stops.


I can get to main menu then it crashes when I press continue. This is so complicated I give up. Any idea what other commands I need copy/paste that thing what u posted to user cfg causes some error and inside that file there is shitload of commands.


Sure no problem,like I mentioned start with the GI stuff so commands with e_svoTI,it can be done without crashing.