Full house sinner achievement

Greetings. I am trying to get the Full House Sinner achievement, from A Woman’s Lot. I completed The Wicked Gate, and no achievement? I’m on the PS4 and working from my main save from 2018. I had done the following before starting the dlc (spoilers):
Slept with Stephanie
Killed Runt
Killed other
Got the sinner achievement from main game
Johanka called me out for thieving, being in jail, and other things.
What did I miss?

Pater Godwin?

Thanks for your input.
I got drunk with Father Godwin and spent the night in the bell tower. Does that count for sleeping with a wench?
Also reloaded my save of fighting off the thugs during her sermon in the meadow (used fists only), then went to sleep with the bathmaid before going to check on Johanka. Still no achievement. :pensive:
I went ahead and finished the dlc and got the good ending.

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You can sleep with Adela and get the good ending too.

You really do sleep with a wench! so, yeah, it counts as it, but not necessary for the achievement.

Here some tips from other player:

  1. Sleep with Stephanie in Talmberg (do her side quest and decide to get changed in her room)
  2. Sleep with a woman (you need the buff from having sex active)
  3. Steel something and get caught (can be combined with the following…)
  4. Get arrested and go in the jail (you need the active Debuff when talk to Johanka AFTER fighting the villagers)
  5. Kill Runt
  6. Kill others (at least one I think)
  7. Get drunk (I had the normal drunk debuff and the debuff from having alcohol the last night active while talking to Johanka AND the debuff from eating to much, just in case)