Game beautiful (tks CRY ENG), Gameplay 20 years old


Really I don’t get why making such a beautiful game but totally omit to review bugs and core gameplay elements. I am so happy I did not pay 1 usd for it before I play. Reminds me the same AI and gameplay bugs and game issue as those I had on my pc pentium with elderscroll 20 years ago.


But that has been the case with all games and computer engines.
Anyone remember the bugs in early Microsoft programs?
The betas are suppose to help locate bugs before the actual release of the programs.
But even then some bugs will be overlooked or not found before release.
Games are no different.

I’ve run across several bugs in Skyrim special Edition, on Xbox One.
Some bugs will never get fixed.


Games are not like painting of great artist. Games are fun but broken at the same time, while one player has no flaws, other finds many bugs that annoy him.


Can’t even play the thing anymore. Without doubt the buggiest mess i’ve ever played.


You havent played Skyrim? Floating mammoths? Nothing?


I actually didn’t have floating mammoths and bugs in general in Skyrim. Did we play the same game? But for sure I had floating horse or horse that attacks all my enemies and dies.


Every major MMO has a lot of bugs. Problem is complexisty and a lot of code… Witcher 3 had similar rough start:

Thats why i usually wait for GOTY editions of such immersive MMOs. Its not just common that those are bugged, its almost a rule.


I never had those. I played it on my old PC and laptop. I even used mods. I’m lucky, even in KCD I didn’t have so many as others, lol. Suspicious.


Kingdom Come is not a MMO though. Neither is Witcher 3. MMO stands for “Massively Multiplayer Online”… that’s games like WoW, Guild Wars and so on.
And no, the Witcher 3 did not have as many severe bugs when it launched. But here comes in to play the size of the studio, and CD Project is a much larger studio. Such ambitious projects require resources - manpower - that Warhorse Studios didn’t really have… but they are getting there :slight_smile: slow but steady. This game was more than I could have hoped for given the circumstances, and worth every single $.


I had my doubts when it was first released but after the last patch I have found it great on PS4. There is still a few annoying things to iron out.For example the interaction with characters bumping into you.the ‘Henry’s come to see us’; comments every five minutes. More random encounters with bandits and increasing their reaction times.
But overall I found Skyrim had more issues that needed to be fixed by modding and this game will get there in the end I’m sure.


Yep. I stand correted, its RPG…

Witcher 3 had plenty of bugs, including those related to main quest line, non-synced objects was the msot common bug, flying horse, deformed horse… But as you mentioned they had more manpower to address the bugs.