Game-Breaking Bug in Baptism of Fire

I’ve been playing Kingdom Come for the past couple days, and really enjoying it. However, I’ve encountered a game-breaking bug that is preventing me from continuing the game. In the quest Baptism of Fire, I continuously get the message that “Too Many of My Men Have Died.” I initially looked up this problem, and saw that people have encountered this bug before. To remedy it, I’ve tried all solutions - I loaded and earlier save and attacked the bandits on sight in the mission where we search for Timmy, I fully sabotaged the camp in the mission Nest of Vipers, I told Sir Radzig that we need a lot of men - in short, I tried everything. Nothing has worked, and I fail during Baptism of Fire every time. I think the problem is that it considers the bandits my allies, because the mission fail screen comes up when a couple bandits die. This bug has really frustrated me because its sucked up hours of replay time, and I enjoy the game a lot and want to continue.

EDIT: I’ve tried it again with all the suggestions, nothing works. In fact, the game does not even allow me to target the bandits. They are definitely being considered allies.

When you attack the fort (nest), be sure to go for the archers. They are the ones killing your men.

Set fire to the hay first.

I guarantee that this is not the problem. The problem happens as soon as we cross the first bridge - I run ahead and kill some of the archers and bandits that are there, and when they die, I get a game over screen. None of my actual allies die when the game over screen comes. This is definitely a bug.

That is your problem. You are running ahead, moving so that there are insufficient allies near to you.

No live allies nearby is treated (in this case incorrectly) as too many casualties.
It is really easy to win the battle though, just stay ‘with’ your allies, and assist by working on a flank or closely in the enemy rear.

When you come to the Cuman camp there is the option to fire the hay, before or as well as fighting the archers.

Avoid rushing ahead to the next stage. Reform with the troop and move with them on command. If you advance and trigger a stage and then retreat this can also trigger a failure state.

You are one among dozens of soldiers under the command of Sir Radzig. Follow the orders and support and receive support from your allies.

I’ve tried staying behind, I’ve tried running ahead, nothing works. This really isn’t a problem with the way I’m playing, but a problem with the game.

I’m also having the same problem. I’ve also done everything I can and also can not find a way past it

No. That is ridiculous. I have killed them all myself. Running ahead is the best way to do it. It sounds like this could be an actual bug.

Did you try reloading to before the battle starts, and telling Radzig how many there are, and choosing all the options? Depending on how many you say are there, more or less reinforcements will be at the battle. It’s possible that not all of the choices will be bugged. This is a work around, but will be faster than waiting for a fix.

Also, if you’re playing with mods, remove them.

It’s unlikely that they’re considered allies, but you can’t target them until you get close, and they’re in position. Combat has changed so that you can’t lock on to enemies until they’re ready to lock on to you. Initially you could surprise lock on, making combat trivial. You could also force unlocked combat. The change was made to counter this.

When they’re in formation, you can’t kill the ones in the middle. Their HP will go to zero, but they will never die. You have to kill the ones on the outside first. Possibly not related to the issue you’re having. Still worth mentioning. This battle is scripted in several strange ways.

all of you saying this bug isn’t real are being douches. It is real. Many of us are experiencing it.

I poison all four cauldrons with Bane. I burn all four barrels of arrows.
i choose the most troops to come along. I literally follow every guide and video on the internet (ok, not literally, but like 20+ of them, including this one).

I form up with my Lord and I wait for his command. I stay with my troops and do not run ahead. I do all the things I am told, none of my guys die, and still I lose because too many men died.

So do not ask me “did you do this?” because yes, i did.
Don’t tell me “you need to do this” because except for one thing, I have already done it.

That one thing is attack the brigands after i find out where Timmy is instead of sending them to rattay or bluffing them off and letting them live. But I have been at this for eight hours today. I have reloaded multiple saves to backtrack. But I’m tired of playing this scenario and I need a break. So quit telling us we don’t know what we’re talking about or we’re doing it wrong. We’re doing it exactly the way guides tell us to do it, and still getting this false flag. There is a problem in the game, not our tactics.