Game causes stutters with cpu dips

As the title says, i’m having horrible stutters and micro freezing during gameplay and in cutscenes, specially in cities and in fights. I’ve tried everything i could find googling this issue, like downloading and running BES to limit my CPU usage to 98%, manually activating all my cores in the task-manager, doing different user.cfg’s to test different settings etc. FPS runs at a stable 60fps normally, but during the stutters it fluxuates around 30-60 fps. Sadly it really makes the game unplayable as i will showcase in two videos below:

High settings

Low settings

My specs are:
Nvidia GTX 780TI SLI
i7-4770k 3,50 GHz
16gb ram
19201080 144hz

People with way higher specs than mine have had the same issues that i had. None of the solutions to their problems have worked for me.

In the forums and videos i’ve watched they point out that the stutters are caused by their CPU’s hitting 100%, meanwhile my stutters correlate with these cpu dips. It’s so wierd, does anyone know how to fix or why it stutters?


Try disabling the hd textures. If I remember right the game informs that you need at least 6gb of vram for them. Gtx 780ti has 3gb and sli doesn’t double that…