Game crash after killing Runt - Nest of Vipers

Keeps happening, everytime I defeat Runt the game crashes to desktop? New install, updated with all DLC’s. This is the only crash I’ve encountered in this game.


Hi, welcome Piggy,

Too little information to help you. Could you please answer the following questions?

  1. When does the crash occur? Is it when you defeat Runt and the game crashes before the cutscene? Or are you able to watch the cutscene and the game crashes afterwards?
  2. Do you get an error message when the game crashes to the desktop or does the game just die and you’re back to the desktop with no error messages?
  3. Have you looked in the Event viewer to see if you can find an event releated to the crash?
  4. Could you please post your rig specs, use hwinfo64 if needed
  5. Have you overclocked your system? If yes have you tried disabling the overclock, I ask that because Kerbal Space Program crashes after a while when my i7-8700K is running at 4.9GHz all cores but everything is stable at 4.7GHz.