Game crashes on xbox one


My game crashes way to often when ik pull out my map, its really annoying.


Yes, i’m on X. Sometimes it happen to me, when selecting a quest log, while fast travelling far away, it crashed.


Yea, it’s more than annoying.

I don’t have a problem with a game that wants to limit the ability to save game, upping the tension with the penalty of having to re-play lots of content if I die, provided it’s stable.

I also don’t even have a problem with a game that’s unstable, if the game saves often enough that I won’t have to suffer that penalty due to a random crash, not because I failed, but because the game did.

This game is designed to have the worst of both.

It’s my biggest criticism, and I’m not sure how excusable it is. Was it really so difficult or problematic to have a periodic auto-save reload on crash function parallel to the payer save/load system? I’ve seen other games do it.


The thought behind the saving mechanic is to make it more challeging, wich i like but not when the state of the game is like this…


Agree with you. With a limited save feature but sometimes this game crashed. We lost our time not because our stupidity, but because this game crashed so often and undpredictable.