Game Developing

I love playing games but I don’t know much about game development or modding. My 6 y/o really wants to learn how to made video games. I want to support him and with him being developmentally delayed I think it would really push him to practice his reading, spelling, and math. I watched a few youtube videos last night but only a video on how to create a Roblox world seemed do-able but the video wasn’t very user friendly to a first time creator. Can you guys make some suggestions as to where I can learn, so I can teach my son. And then some very easy starting places for him.
I don’t know if it matters but we have PC’s, X-box’s, Switch, Wii-U and 3DS.

I can not teach you in the programming or developing, but I can teach you or give you some hints where you find inspirations of the art of game design. First at all you should have played Gothic to understand how to make organic game design and then all games by Frictional Games, and also read their blog. But this are horror games and your 6 y/o is too young for such games. I think he/she should start with story telling and when it’s a good story you can ask if a publisher is interested to make a game and then let other people make the programming etc.