Game for free?

hello the question is the game will be gifted to users for free on steam anytime in future?

Steam and free? I’ve never seen these words together


It was free for 1 or 2 steam weekends. Maybe they will make another promotion for the game.
And it was free in the Epic store or Xbox game pass…


Steam Free Weekend and many times free games to keep forever.

12 years I’m a steam member and I can’t remember any AAA game given for free. Steam Free Weekend are try it for free then purchase. I have the list from steam themselves and no really free games ever:

seems the list can be scrolled down since the beginning of steam. The only free games on steam are indi games.
But thanks for the reply, I’ll keep an eye on steam and next free weekend I’ll see if we can really keep the game for free

Tomb Raider was given away free on Steam this year. A few racing and Warhammer games were too. Humble give out keys periodically. So either you haven’t been paying attention to the free stuff, or you have a poor memory.

Said “any AAA game given for free” so the person s interest are big games.

I would recommend for keeping track of free games. I am periodically receiving e-mails whenever there is a free game promotion or giveaway. I can not say how many AAA games have been given because I do not just take AAA but also enjoy indies.

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:smile: thanks Savvym, bookmarked that link

Yep, it’s gonna be free for weekend as promotion for gamers to try, and after if you wanna play - pay, honey.

Promotion for gamers?