Game freezes after punching chicken


I just started playing the game and every time I try to kill a chicken with my fist in Skalitz after getting the first quest from the dad, my game just freezes. I’ve tried to reload the game a few times, restarted my pc but the problem persists.

I’ve read a few posts with the same issue but this was in earlier versions of the game. And all suggestions were to revert to an old save. Not really an option in my case as I just began playing but my main concern is, how do I deal with this later on? Just avoid all chickens? Are any other animals going to freeze the game if I kill them?

Edit: Now it doesn’t crash when I kill a chicken only if I pick it up…

Edit: I’ve made it to Rattay and the same thing happens. I’m a little afraid to continue playing the game because I’m nearing 2 hours on steam and if stuff like this keeps happening it’s going to ruin the game at some point as I don’t know what to avoid or what’s bugged and then I’ll have to revert to a save that could of been an hour or more old.

What can I do? is there a way to save the game without using a mod? Because with the limited saves it makes it extremely difficult to play properly, for the fear of trying something in game and the game crashing.


Don’t kill animals!:grin:
It’s a known bug, but with low priority to fix…


Fair enough.

Seems like I’m just stumbling on bugs and glitches though. I was taken to jail at Rattay and immediately as I get released, as the screen loads while I’m still in the building, a guard tells me I need to have a torch at night. Then I have to pay or go back to jail.

I think I’ll just wait for whatever game they release next hopefully.


Weird. I too am on Win 7 PC and I punched pretty much every single chicken in Skalitz (and the cows too, and I woulda punched the sheep if they didn’t run so fast . . . Dogs I cannot bring myself to punch though . . . plus the bark and raise a ruckus . . .) and never a single problem.

I suppose it could be specific to your graphics card/drives or perhaps some other part of your hardware of maybe even you OS. That kinda stuff is way above my pay grade.

Just as a reference point here are my rig specs:
MSI MS-7821 mobo, Intel i5-4690K 3.5GHz, 8GB RAM, Win7 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 3.9GB

Runnning on Medium or low graphics: apart from the (expectable) frame stuttering and FPS drop when galloping at full speed through rataje I have found the game to be surprisingly stable and high-performance. I say low or medium because I tried on both and didn’t see a big difference, so keep it on medium. I also tried Ultra but the FPS hit was noticeable worse; still playable but noticeable. In ~180 hours of play, I must have only had 5 or 6 freezes (effectively crashes which the app doesn’t free itself up from and shut down), and nothing that I would really call a “bug.”

Maybe try and see if your graphics card drivers are fully updated?


As far as my rig goes, I’m on WIN10 with an
AMD 8320 CPU @ 3.5GHz and a
AMD R7 370 GPU. Drivers are upto date.

The game runs perfectly well for my needs i get 30-45FPS on Medium. 20-25 on High. I stick to medium though. It could very well be an issue with Windows 10, there have been plenty of those or something about my hardware but I’m not alone in experiencing this issue. I’ve seen posts from early 2018 and as Blacksmith answered, it’s a known bug but with a low priority to fix. Which I understand but for me, as a brand new player seeing that made me think what else might cause my game to crash. There’s also been a few smaller glitches like being locked in a house by NPC’s and I can’t pick it because that’s a crime so I have to wait for someone to unlock the door. And the jail one I mentioned in my previous comment. And I’m still at the very beginning of the game. If I keep playing and go over my 2 hours on Steam there’s no hope for a refund should I experience issues later on.

It would be much, much less of an issue if the save system was normal. I can definitely appreciate the system they have in place and it would be fine if the game didn’t have these problems. I’m not really sure about installing any sort of mods, like the save game mod just in case anything breaks and I have to start again or something.

I’ll just have to come back to the game next year or something once the price is lowered and more updates have happened or wait for a new game from these guys.

I appreciate you trying to help, thank you.


Well, if you are looking for a solution(s) that can help you to keep playing it (it is fun as fuck!), an easy one would be: Nexus mods “Unlimited Saving” mod

I am generally VERY averse to intricate save systems like this game have because it is contrary to my philosophy that taking away end-user control is a generally bad thing.

That said, I have actually come to LIKE it, and appreciate its positive contributions to the game and game play. I’m considering something like it myself for future projects . . .

The one mistake I think that is undeniable: an options toggle that allows the player to play in “Free Save” mode, and perhaps disables some or all Achievements . . .


But… Why punch a chicken,though? Which brings up another question, why did the pervert cross the road? Answer: because his dick was stuck in the chicken.


I’ve got something even better. My game crashes when saving via schnapps


punching chickens was a late Medieval art / entertainment, something like ferret legging . . .


Worst chicken punching game ever


It’s actually kind of funny. It plucks and kills the chicken instantly.


Yeah, I was kidding of course. I’ve felt obliged to smack the occasional guard in the gob after letting him get as far as “God be with you Henr”


Just the revenge for hurting so many chickens at Zelda…


I love how the chicken is dropping all feathers right after the punch. Where can I learn this farm magic? I mean, IRL.