Game is on GoG; have not redeemed Steam Code

Backed it years ago.

Saw it was on GoG. Since I never redeemed it on Steam (in any way - I don’t even have Steam!), can I get the code transferred over to GoG instead?


Also - I would have NEVER EVER backed this game if my copy was for Steam. Seriously.



Update: March 14: no reply from Warhorse.

Edit: received this message on Kickstarter:

Should be possible, please contact our
Thank you!

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I could be wrong, but i thing it was never promised on Kickstarter that there would be not Steam version, but would be nice from WH ad game to Gog-Steam connect DB and redeem Steam game also on Gog for free, but its not big deal.

Its Gog version better somehow? Steam version could be played in Offline steam mode if im not wrong…

So, is it possible for backers to redeem KCD on GOG instead of Steam at last?
This will be a good news and must be spreaded in the community :slight_smile:


Try to ask not Twitter best chance to get response, still small… Or try to gain some phone number directly to studio…

Everything went through - I got a GoG code no problem. It probably helped that I never used the Steam code. :slight_smile:

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AirBreather, Please tell how you redeemed a GOG key for KCD instead of redeeming of backer’s reward via Steam account. Today I wrote a letter to about this exchange possibility for backers who still didn’t activate their reward in Steam and recieved such an answer:

" Warhorse Studios (Warhorse Studios)
Apr 4, 15:24 CEST
Hello and thanks for your support. These services are two different companies and unfortunately we can’t switch them for you. Thanks for your understanding."

So Support Team of WH is still answering that there is no such exchange possibility. I was so hoping to get this game on GOG :frowning:
Maybe I should mention J.R. or refer to something else in a requesting letter?

I received another answer from WH support team:

" Warhorse Studios (Warhorse Studios)
Apr 4, 17:01 CEST
Yes, this is possible. However we could only switch it in special cases as we only had very limited amount of Gog keys. Thanks for your understanding"

So, the special cases only. Very well then.
AirBreather, my congratulations, you are a very lucky person!

Just checked back in now.

My process was:
(1) On Kickstarter, ask for/mention that I wanted a GoG code and don’t have, use, or even like Steam, and therefore can’t/won’t ever redeem the Steam code.
(2) Wait.
(3) Get reply (as specified above).
(4) …Feel lucky? :thinking:

& thanks.