Game Music/Soundtrack

Also this probably confirm it for 100% :slight_smile:

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Fallout: Equestria? LOL.

Everyone has little brony inside…

I’m laughing even more now.

Yeah they played under our windows some days :slight_smile:

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Unser Orchester wird aus 65 Musikern bestehen, dazu kommt noch ein Chor mit 40 Stimmen.


Our Orchestra will have 65 musicians. On top of that, we will have a choir with 40 voices.

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It is great to have a real orchestra with a great composer working on it! I mean an orchestra with 65 musicians and a choral of 40 people is huge and amazing for ingame music. But what about the classy Bard singing and playing a lute or a hurdy-gurdy? Will Mr. Jan Valta also cover the music in a tavern? Will there be a Bard in a tavern, can’t imagine a cozy city tavern without.

This is Czech lands. Tavern is to Czechs what a church is to Poles or Italians. So you can bet it will be there.

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I hope so, and since there was no Czech or German (in our todays understanding) it is the central european medieval ambience that needs a bard. A tavern without a Bard (music) is like a brothel without courtesan.

Actually I find idea of Bard in taver not so much appealing.

I do not believe that every tavern had its bard. More likely is that people in tavern sang themselves, which is what I would love to see.
I know nothing about wandering bards, but I find the idea of them quite reppeling. But thats is just my subjective point of view.

Thanks for your interest!
Kingdom Come: Deliverance soundtrack will consist of three main parts:

  1. Live recorded symphony orchestra with choir. Mainly for cut-scenes. That’s what you’re writing about in your second sentence. (Btw. thanks for the first sentence, too :slight_smile: )

  2. Quite the same setting of instruments & voices but from FX (samples) for in-game music. This will be the main adaptive part: we want the music to change a lot in accordance with where the player is, what he is doing right now etc.

  3. Period music. For taverns, pubs, feast halls, camps - simply for places where you would expect it. Due to many reasons, mainly I will create new, original music in medieval style. Here we will have the lute, flutes, hurdy-gurdy, string instruments etc. A short sample of this will be in the upcoming Alpha.

Those three parts of our soundtrack will sometimes shade into each other, i.e I’m sure that in some cut-scenes, there will be orchestral instruments together with the period ones. Ïmagine a sound of lute (or shawm etc.) with just a plain, simple accompaniment of strings… There are many possibilities for such combinations and I’m sure it will serve the mood very well.

And you’re right, a tavern without some proper (perhaps slightly dirty and drunken) music is like… hmm… making love alone :smile:


:slight_smile: Brilliantly said!

@valtajan You Sir, just made my day :wink:

Same to you! :smile: Thanks.

I apologize for stupid question, but what does it mean? :smile: “From FX (samples)” means that it won’t be live recorded?

I think you are right, these days its often hard to say what is done on computer and what is life recorded anyways.

It’s no stupid question, perhaps my explanation wasn’t clear - sorry then!.

All cut-scenes will be live recorded (as promised on the Kickstarter). But most of the in-game music won’t be live recorded.

If you want to imagine what the sound from samples will be: the recent E3 Trailer ( was created from samples only - there is no live recorded instrument. Yet I think it sounds very natural.

But from my experience, some solo instruments (i.e. solo violin) still sound unnatural from samples so far - hardly you can build a real phrase, a rich melody which will sound “live enough” to me. When this appears, we will always record live musicians and blend their live sound with the orchestral accompaniment (which we will make from samples). Example for this: the Alpha teaser ( - everything is made from samples, but the solo violin (and the short flute phrase before the end) were live recorded.

Further examples of both these approaches you will hear in the upcoming Alpha - there should be about 9 new music tracks.

That’s why I say most of the in-game music won’t be live recorded. At the beginning of my work for Warhorse, I created a rule for myself: technology will not command the music. That means, if the music will need something the technology can’t deliver, we will NOT adapt the music according to what the technology can do. Instead of that, we will do it the good old way: recording studio, musician and mike :smile:

I hope you have the proper image now. Thanks for your question!


Yeah, now I understand it, thanks a lot for such thorough answer. I can’t wait for the new 9 tracks!

Thanks, Freix. Hope you’ll like it!